Thursday, January 22, 2009

5 conversations you MUST have with your daughter..

I am reading this book by Vickey Courtney. I just started it and the first part is about helping our girls believe they are more than the sum of their parts. It has really hit home for me. I think we have a MAJOR problem in the US with this. I feel like it's OUT.OF.CONTROL. I spent a good chunk of my life feeling like I was too this and too that and definitely not what I wanted to be. UGH! I'm fed up and determined to help my daughters not buy into the crap. Yes, I said crap... that's what it is. That is not an easy task when they are bombarded with messages that pretty just won't do. NO! If you aren't ultra skinny, perfect skin, NO cellulite, thick hair, stylish clothes... OH and don't forget your air brush! Cause even with all that you can never measure up without being altered. Frankly I would rather let my girls watch some horror movie than to read fashion magazines. I think they can recover from a horror movie far more quickly than they can shake what this society tries to make them believe about their beautiful bodies. What do you think?


Amy said...

Those videos are amazing.

It is so sad that we, as a society, have completely skewed the word 'beautiful.'

So glad to hear you are trying to counter that with your girls.

some chick said...

I don't know. the first horror movie I ever saw scared me half to death. I have a serious block when it comes to scary movies.

but i'm with you on the whole thing.

ellie said...

Thank you for sharing this it is so tragic - my gorgeous 14 year old neice is hospitalized for anorexia right now. It is so scary . . . can you please pray for Madeleine?

Kelly said...

I agree Angel, it haunts me everyday , I don't want Sky to feel bad about herself like I feel about myself. Have you been to That's a great campaign.

Hannah said...

Wow. Those are great videos...I know I have always struggled with my image. I used to say oh, it's not the magazines because I didn't feel like I compared myself to them but it still is part of the problem.

It makes me so sad to see young girls who think all they have to give is sexiness. They don't stop to think about who they are or what they are made of...if they are not sexy they do not matter.

The sad thing is as I age and get chubby, I feel as though I have lost my beauty and was surprised and embarrassed by how deeply that affected me.

Holly said...

Wow Angel.
We really are pretty sheltered here.
We don't watch TV...well that was until American Idol started back again! Ugh!
The only magazines we get are Adoptive Families and The Old not much fashion stuff there! I was shocked at the air brushed photos. Wow.
Honestly, I think natural beauty is so much better! I would rather see a girl with a beautiful heart any day of the week than a pretty face. Inner beauty radiates from within to the outside. Thanks for bringing this to our attention though. As Christians so often we just fit in with the crowd and this is such a sad shame.