Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In honor of Kaiya Rain Zhen

My mom sent me this video cause it reminded her of Kaiya. Made me laugh!!! It's Kaiya alright.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Abby's Princess Hair

Just thought you might like a peek at one of the wigs you all helped to buy little Ms. Abby! There were some delays figuring out the right color and thickness for her cute little head. She has it now though and her full wig is on it's way! You can see more pics and update on the Riggs Blog. :0) Angel

Friday, January 23, 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009

5 conversations you MUST have with your daughter..

I am reading this book by Vickey Courtney. I just started it and the first part is about helping our girls believe they are more than the sum of their parts. It has really hit home for me. I think we have a MAJOR problem in the US with this. I feel like it's OUT.OF.CONTROL. I spent a good chunk of my life feeling like I was too this and too that and definitely not what I wanted to be. UGH! I'm fed up and determined to help my daughters not buy into the crap. Yes, I said crap... that's what it is. That is not an easy task when they are bombarded with messages that pretty just won't do. NO! If you aren't ultra skinny, perfect skin, NO cellulite, thick hair, stylish clothes... OH and don't forget your air brush! Cause even with all that you can never measure up without being altered. Frankly I would rather let my girls watch some horror movie than to read fashion magazines. I think they can recover from a horror movie far more quickly than they can shake what this society tries to make them believe about their beautiful bodies. What do you think?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Excited about getting LOST!

I am a Lost FANATIC! I'll admit it! I've been watching since the very first show and I've been a faithful viewer every season. I think it is one of the most creative and well thought out series I have seen. Tonight LOST is back! WOOHOO! Don't tell me what happens. Haven't gotten to watch it yet. It's on my DVR. :0) YAY LOST!! Any other fans of being LOST out there????

My AWESOME Cell Phone- The Instinct

Since I have nothing productive to say I'll just say this. I ADORE my cell phone. It's The Instinct from Sprint. I have never been a cool cell phone person. I just always told them to give me something that would dial. That was my criteria. ;0)

Well, that was until I saw my mom's cell phone and fell in love. Plus Sprint has an amazing all inclusive deal for this phone. Now I am totally hooked. Right now I am burning all my CD's onto my computer cause I have all my music on my phone now. Who needs an Ipod? I can watch shows on it... get the weather... it has my favorite pics... I can takes pics and video... check out what movies are in the theaters near me... check my e-mail and WAY MORE! Now I would be lost without it. So since I am a useless blogger I thought I might as well share. Hugs, Angel

Friday, January 16, 2009

The trouble with frogs...

Michelle was just talking about words her kids can't say. That jogged my memory and made me giggle. So I thought I would share this Kaitlyn cuteness. :o)

When Kaitlyn was little she was OBSESSED with frogs.. OBSESSED! Only problem with her obsession was that she couldn't say the word. So for some reason she said it, "Fock!" So here was this 2 year old walking around every day yelling," FOCK!FOCK!FOCK!" at the top of her lungs. You can imagine the stares and disapproving looks in the grocery store. I would have to explain to the nursery workers at church that she MAY say a word- that it was FROG! You can bet I was relieved when she learned to pronounce THAT word. LOL! Angel

Thursday, January 15, 2009

High/Low Thursday!

Michelle over at the Rigg's Family Blog is doing High/Low Thursday and I thought it sounded like a good gig. So here goes... my high and low for the week.

My low- My emotions sometimes annoy me. I wish I had better control over them. Nothing horrible has happened this week. It's been a pretty good week all in all. Yet, all of these things have been getting to me.

Kaiya hid my car keys and I can't find them ANYWHERE!! I looked for a LONG time and even dug through the trash. I had to cancel all plans for yesterday. Couldn't leave- no car. Russ said he would try to go by but couldn't get off early enough. SOOO here I am today. He was going to get off extra early today and go by- yeah no can do.. So tomorrow.. PLEASE tomorrow. I would love to have my car back.

Kaiya has been a real 2 year old this week. She is a DURN stubborn little thing. Sometimes I do so good and then sometimes I am just snappy and sharp. ACK! Why can't I be a perfect mommy?

I am SORE! SORE! SORE! SORE! I have started working out again after WAY too long NOT working out and I feel it. I also feel a bit more tired than usual cause I am not used to it yet.

IT'S COLD!! Cold makes me want to sleep all day.

Abby is on my mind a lot. I guess you could say compassion is a gift for me but it can sometimes leave me in a hard place. I don't know how to deal with some stuff- like this. It's stuff I can't get, can't process, can't change and can't shut off. It's like it just lingers on the edge of my mind.

All of this to say- I've been on the edges of gloomy the past few days. I just feel heavy inside. I get frustrated that I am not better at compartmentalizing. I want to be able to put things aside and just ENJOY where I am RIGHT NOW! Sometimes I manage that- many times I don't.

My High- Family member had a great interview. Really excited for them!

We got some new wires and figured out how to run the Internet through the tv and speaker system. Super fun.

KK and I enjoyed a late night American Idol session this week while sipping hot chocolate. We MOSTLY agree on who is awesome and who needs the boot.

I found out I can get a new car key for only $20! THAT was a major relief.

I am really enjoying working out. (other than the sore part!) We have a Wii Fit now and it has been wonderful!! I am feeling better and losing inches.

Tomorrow Russ and the girls are leaving town and I have a MOMMY weekend. I really don't know the last time I had so much time to MYSELF! JUST ME!! I usually only arrange childcare for time with Russ or friends. I am carefully planning the weekend for max AWESOMENESS! It's gonna be great. Pretty excited that there are lots of good movies out I want to see. :o)

I have awesome grandparent people in our lives who help SO much with the kiddos. It makes our life that much more wonderful!

Well, that's my high/low stuff for the weekend. What's your high/low? You can hop over to Michelle's blog and join in.

Hugs, Angel

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Praying for Abby...

Sweet Abby is in my heart today as she is so many days. Today she starts the scariest part of her battle. It's honestly hard for me to think about it or talk about it without getting emotional. It's hard for me to let this tiny little soldier fight this fight and only be able to love and pray for her on the sidelines. She's so little... Please say a prayer for this family and stop by to give them a hello.
OH and make sure today you don't take it for granted- any of it. Love, Angel

Is it just me or does it really feel like this?

It seems some days I just gawk at my kids in disbelief at how fast they are growing. It's like it just keeps sneaking up on me. I am going to blink and they will be off to spread their wings. Soaking in the moments, Angel

Monday, January 12, 2009

What is my blogger block anyway???

I can't seem to blog these days! What is up with that???? Honestly, I just feel like I am spending most of my time lately trying to get my life in order. Family, house, chores, working out, home school, church, friends... I feel like I am finally getting my life back to what I really want it to be- SLOWLY! Oh and I have really enjoyed getting back into reading fun books. Plus I am back to my eating better and exercising ways!

Lately, I have been rediscovering a lot of things about myself I had forgotten. Like pieces of my personality that had faded and almost disappeared. I think being a mom of young children can do that to us if we aren't careful. I don't want to lose who I was. Well... that's what I have been up to these days. I am sure I will get the hang of things and be blogging more than you can stand soon. ;o) Angel

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

What love feels like...

It's hard to put into words for you what love feels like to a little girl who lived most of her life without much of anything. What does it feel like when it washes over her that these people really, truly love her?

I can't explain what I see in Zoe but I can finally show you. Tia Bek gave Zoe a very special gift this Christmas. It wasn't special ONLY because of what it was. I think for Zoe it was special because she knew how much it meant. It was something that was Tia Bek's- that Zoe never imagined would be given away to anyone... and it overwhelmed her little heart.

All Zoe knew is that there was a gift for her upstairs that would have an ornament hanging on it matching the one in Zoe's hand. She had a very hard time believing her sweet eyes when she saw it.

That's what love feels like for Zoe...

I thank God I get to see her feel it. We love you Zoe girl, truly and forever.

We Wish You A Merry Christmas!