Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hoping my sinuses don't explode.

Feel too cruddy to blog- Ughhhhhhhh.....

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kaitlyn and her best buddy Madeline....

are EXTREMELY refined young ladies..

but even the MOST refined young ladies need a break once in awhile!

Thanks for the adorable pictures Nonny! Those are two fabulous little ladies. :0) Angel

One more post on the "Right To Life Bill"

Well- here was my first big moment stepping out on the politics ledge. :0) I was super nervous- I won't lie. I fully expected to get flamed... but guess what... I didn't. I truly appreciate your comments and concerns as well as your kindness to your fellow commenters. It is great to hear people get involved in a valuable discussion in such a respectful way. I know these issues can bring out very strong feelings. I love that I have wonderful blogger buddies and we are able to talk through these issues. I have had only respectful and kind commentary even on such a hot issue. What a testament to the quality of people who read this blog.

My heart is to educate those who may not know what their voting choices may mean for our country. I just want us all to be educated when we fill out our ballets. Soooo....since some of you may prefer CNN to Fox news I thought I would add this overview to make sure we have a well balanced perspective. We all have a LOT to consider this Nov 4th. Happy Voting!

After this post I will temporarily retire from the political field and move on to greener pastures. You never know though- I may be back! LOL! ;0) Angel

Friday, September 26, 2008

Surely there is a line we won't cross....

See bottom for links to some of my sources...

How is this OK? How can we continue to rationalize this happening to the least of these? I believe there is a lot of grey in this world and you will find me very accepting of different views. Still though- surely we can see there is a line- there is right and wrong in this world. There is good and evil. Can anyone see it anymore? Can anyone truly believe this is good- this is OK? There are some things I have a hard time keeping quiet about... Angel

NOTE: I am generally very careful about what I put on this blog. I would not want to put info on here that is not accurate. I did my best to research this subject thoroughly before making my decision. As many sources will state- the large difference of opinion comes in whether we believe that a baby is capable of living with medical care once outside the womb. I believe that a baby born with any signs of life is entitled to medical care. Here are just a couple of the sources I used as I researched this issue... if you want to find out more about the ability of premature babies to live with medical care then I encourage you research it and make and informed decision.



Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Next question-

If you have a toddler who verges on the brink of death constantly.... dives off chairs... rams into doors without blinking.... jumps down steps.... flips backwards consistently... dances and jumps around with abandon... what could this mean?

A. You have a future stunt man (or woman) on your hands

B. This toddler has an odd sort of death wish

C. Child was inspired by the gymnasts in Beijing and is secretly training for the 2024 Olympics

D. This supposed little cutie is actually a robot from the future with a steel endoskeleton therefore feels no pain and can not be stopped (Oh wait- I think I have been watching too much Sarah Conner Chronicles)

E. Little one is secretly scheming with her sisters to drive their mother to the loony bin so they can steal all the chocolate from the pantry

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

OK... Here's another question...

Theoretically would Sea Salt Chips and Junior Mints be a bad choice for a mommy's dinner say 1 or 2 or 3 nights in a row? Again this is all in theory. ;0) Angel

Kaiya's first pig tails....

or when they are this teeny- sprouts! Is she cute or what???? ;0)

Monday, September 22, 2008

The question of the night....

Does it make you a bad mom if you put your 2 year old to bed at 5:45pm cause you just can't make it till 7pm????? Let's just say this mom then leaves the room rejoicing that the toddler is now in bed.... is that wicked? This is all theoretical of course. ;0) Angel

Friday, September 19, 2008

Just another crazy reporter during Ike.. ;0)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Homeschool....and other funny stuff...

This made me giggle... You know how I LOVE a good laugh! ;0) Angel

What's going on in our neck of the woods???

A couple of these pictures were taken in Haiti. Most are in Texas... many in Galveston where we just vacationed a couple of weeks ago. It's really hard to believe. We have a few fallen trees... downtown where my hubby often works huge amounts of damage... an hour away in our vacation spot complete destruction. I got these pics from this website They are much bigger on their site with captions that tell you where it is located.

Russ got to return to his office today- NOT the one downtown. I don't know if that one is opened. I kinda doubt it. Zoe's school is saying it will be opened next week. The grocery stores and gas stations are still iffy on what they will have in stock. Russ said on his way to work many of the stop lights still did not work. He said many of the businesses in the area still seemed to be closed. He saw only one gas station opened WITH gas available. WOW.... weird. Normal.... what's that? Angel

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I stink at juggling.

Soooooo every time things seem like they are going to slow down something else hits. It's all little stuff when you look at the big picture.... Start a not for profit, travel to China, return jet lagged from China, add a wild and wobbly toddler from China who may die if you don't watch her every second, toddler gets stitches on first outing, Russ' busiest busy season EVER, Zoe starts 3rd grade and freaks out cause it's a new building and much harder, prepare for Kaiya's surgery, cancel surgery (YAY!), immediately evacuate as a hurricane is hurtling toward your home, return home and discover your 9 year old has been TERRIBLY disobedient for 3 weeks and you had NO CLUE!

Yes.... no clue. This disobedience was serious enough that it warrants pretty strict discipline. This discipline requires strict enforcement and oversight by MOMMY! Ahhhhhhh..... yes..... because I needed ONE MORE thing right now.

I keep waiting for that "new normal" to hit. There are days I think it's maybe here but then WHAMO! Something dunks me back under the water and I find myself doggy paddling again.

I don't mean to sound like a whiner. I don't want it to come across as if I am not loving my life. I am! I adore Kaiya, Kaitlyn keeps me giggling daily, Zoe is my sweet darling, my husband is my everything, my extended family is amazing- life is good. Each of those good things I love separately. Together I just can't seem to juggle it quite yet. I feel like if life could just slow down for awhile this would be easier to get.

We are going to make a real effort to SLOOOOW life down. Still though- most of the things in that list were not things we could have or would have changed.... it's just my life. Lately my life is fast and furious. Looking forward I THINK things are about to get easier but I don't want to count my chickens... ;0) Keepin it real. It ain't all roses, Angel

A family in need of prayers...

This sweet family desperately needs our prayers and support. They showed up in China to find that their sweet baby is terribly sick and in a horrible situation. They need a miracle to get this precious little one to safety and medical care in time. Please consider going to visit their blog and let them know we are supporting them. I can't imagine how overwhelming this must be for them. They need to know there are people everywhere who care about them. Angel


Monday, September 15, 2008


Time to set up the DVR to start recording SNL again!! :0) Angel


We are home. We got back late last night. We had virtually no damage at our house. Praise the Lord!! Some tree limbs in our yard and a small part of our gate came off the hinges. We have power as of yesterday. Internet came on this morning. We did lose a lot of food in the frig. I am so grateful that we have had it so easy. There are still MANY people with no power. I am going to text my friends to see if they need to crash here. We just found out Zoe has no classes tomorrow. Russ is working from home for now. Looks like his office will be closed tomorrow too. Sadly that actually means more work for him in some ways cause he has to run crazy computer models through our Internet instead of using the work server. Basically everything takes 10 times longer to get done even though we have the fastest Internet we can get. Still, he does not have to commute and some meetings got canceled for now so that's helpful. Kaitlyn is spending the week with Polka Dot (grandma) and Grandpa at their house. Zoe may still have school later this week. So for this week I only have 2 kiddos. Wanna hear something really fascinating?? This hurricane evacuation has been the most relaxing time I have had since I left for China... LOL! Sad isn't it? I only wish this were a time of rest for everyone. I am hoping to find a way the girls and I can help some people by making meals or something. So far I don't know what to do. Mostly it seems like they need guys and chain saws! ;0) Hugs! Angel

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ike Update

So far I am not seeing people hurt on the news coverage. THANK GOODNESS!!! It does look like upwards of 4 million people do not have power. Yikes! I hope it gets resolved soon. I am certain MANY people in our area have no power. I don't know WHEN we will be heading home. It may be awhile. 

Thankfully it looks like a cool front is coming through this week. It has been SOOOOO crazy hot lately near Houston. It will dive to high of 80 this week. I know that still sounds terrible to many of my blogger buddies. For us Texans that is a crisp cool day. OK! Not really- but it's not awful. At least people will not be suffering as badly if they were told they should just wait it out.

On a side note I need to say how ANGRY it makes me to see amazing firemen and rescue workers risk their lives for the idiots who refused to be evacuated in a MANDATORY evacuation zone. Next time please LEAVE you big dummies. 

:0) Angel

Best CRAZY weather reports of my night!


Missed this one live... saw the replay

Reporters in hurricanes....

I find it highly entertaining to watch reporters standing in crazy storms. They are basically hanging on light poles so they won't be blown away and telling you how NOBODY in his right mind should be out there. It's stinking funny!

It's 12:30am and I am just watching weather channel. The storm is starting to really hit big time. Guess we will see what Ike brings our way won't we. Thankful to not be there right now. 

Off to go giggle at the crazy reporters. Go INSIDE you big dorks!!! Hee hee hee hee..... (That's my evil laugh) Angel

Thursday, September 11, 2008

WE EVACUATED- Just so ya know! ;0)

HOUSTON! WE HAVE A PROBLEM! His name is Ike....

So we decided to get outta the Houston area today. Hurricane Ike decided to take a little turn and head for a visit to our house. Durn unwelcome guests!!! They have not said there is an evacuation for our zip code but we don't want to take chances of getting stuck without electricity with the kiddos. Our house has been known to lose electricity with a heavy breeze blowing. Soooo... OFF TO GRANDMAS!

Here is an interesting tidbit! Today they DID evacuate the area where Kaiya was supposed to have her surgery this morning. She was going to be at the Children's Hospital in Galveston. YIKES! It turns out that we would have had surgery CANCELLED and then been stuck with tons of traffic. As it is we are already at Polka Dot's house chilling out. Polka Dot is hanging out with Kaitlyn and Zoe. They get to make cupcakes and watch Miley Cyrus! Mommy and Daddy get to hang out after Daddy works remotely for awhile. His office is closed till Monday due to the storm as are all the schools.

I am excited to finish watching the HBO series John Adams with Russ on DVD tonight. It's a very cool series about the beginnings of The United States of America... LOVING IT! I always love entertainment that actually teaches me something.

ANYWAY! I am SOOOOOO thankful to be here and not in a hospital room or being evacuated from a hospital. I pray this storm blows over with no major disaster. We are so blessed to just be able to zoom off to grandma's for a wonderful weekend. There are so many people who don't have that option. Still they are blessed to even have storm shelters in this country. I can't imagine what it feels like to be in a place where you have no options and there is no where to go and no one to help. I am thankful that tonight my family will be safe,fed and unafraid. That is the good life.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kaiya does not need SURGERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SAY WHAT?????? I KNOW! I KNOW! I can't BELIEVE this!!!

Here's the deal.... when we got to China they told me that Kaiya had her palate repaired before I got there. However, I had been warned repeatedly that China often does only a partial repair. So I looked in her mouth and sure enough there was a hole. So I thought- yep partial repair! So I figured we needed a second surgery. Turns out they left a small hole to allow for her head to grow the right way. The doctor said they did an GREAT job and did EXACTLY what they were supposed to do.

I think my jaw was on the floor... I was like, "Uhhhhh soooo she doesn't have to have ANYTHING done??? I can just LEAVE???"

He said to get out of there and have some fun. SO WE DID!!! We celebrated with a Mommy and Kaiya day. I will post more details on all our fun later.

The cleft group was great. They were so impressed with Kaiya's development and how she has progressed. We will need to do a procedure when she is 9 or 10 to seal up the small hole that was left. Other than that they will just watch to make sure she doesn't have speech issues. She saw a speech therapist who said her language acquisition is excellent. She will meet with her in about 6-9 months again to check on her progress.

(Don't mind the black eye- Kaiya had a small collision with Kaitlyn's play guitar. My little disaster.... first of my kids to have stitches.. first with a black eye! LOL!)

WOOOOHOOOOO!! NOOOOOOO SURGERY!!! I can not tell you how thankful for this little miracle.... it is a gift for our family. I am SO very grateful. All day this song that was dedicated to Kaiya when we first accepted her referral kept playing in my head. The CHI Special Needs China director Stefani even wrote her own version to celebrate Kaiya finally finding her family after waiting so long. It will always mean so much to me...

Here is a little girl who waited for 2 years in an orphanage. This is a little girl who waited for 3 months on a waiting child list as special needs. Her only special need is LOTS of love and plenty of snacks. She was just waiting for her momma and daddy to figure it out. I am so grateful. Thank you Lord for ordinary miracles...

:0) Angel

Friday, September 05, 2008


My hubby doesn't make appearances here as often as his adorable princesses. They often steal the show. The truth is though- my hubby IS the show. He is in the background making everything work. I sometimes call him the great and powerful OZ. ;0) I can't fathom life without my best friend beside me. God has given me the most precious gift in this man. He is everything I could possibly hope for in a husband and father for my sweeties.

Please don't misunderstand me... our marriage isn't always a bed of roses. I don't think a good marriage is one that does not have hard times. I believe a great marriage is two people who know what love is REALLY about. Love is NOT something that comes and goes. Love is not a warm feeling or a gushy poem. Those things that can stem from love are lots of fun. The truth is though- they come and go.

REAL LOVE is something we do when the feelings are there and when they are not. Love is NOT something you always feel. Love is something you DECIDE. I decided 12 years ago that I would love this man for the rest of my life. I was only 18 when we met but I knew that he was going places that I wanted to be. At 21 years old I pledged to be with him and love him till death. I pray that never once has my hubby had to wonder whether I would be beside him and continue to love him. I know that I have never had to question that. I choose him every day.

If I could line up every man in the whole world I would choose him today without a moments hesitation. I would choose him on the days when I feel all oogly about him- like today. I would choose him on the days he really gets on my nerves- like yesterday. LOL! :0) Feelings are undependable. Love is ALWAYS dependable. Love NEVER fails even when we do.

I am honored to be his helper and friend always. Choosing to love him always is the best decision I ever made. I am so blessed that he has chosen to love me too. Keep an eye on this man. I can tell you that he is going places you can't even imagine. This is a guy that will leave the world better than he found it. Just watch and you'll see. Someday everyone will figure out what I knew the moment I met him... he's amazing. Angel

PS. Thanks to Jamie for the super cool pics of my sexy man. I love them! :0) You got SKILLS man.