Saturday, May 31, 2008

Giggly Girl

Kaiya's First Plane Flight

Live From Guangzhou!

My baby girl fell asleep while pretending to eat my energy bar. Hee hee hee... How CUTE is she?

We are in Guangzhou! YAY! We are staying at The Victory Hotel while we finish the US side of the adoption. The trip here was exciting. The plane was delayed over 2 1/2 hours! UGH! We were supposed to take off at 7:10pm and arrive at 9:10. We didn't even take off till like 9:50pm. Kaiya was a little angel baby. We were so proud of her. She had a couple of melt downs but overall was amazing. We didn't get to bed until 2am and she was still smiling and cuddling when the lights went out.

The changes in her are AMAZING!! She is getting more and more fun every day. She was just charming to begin with but I feel like we are just now getting to see the real Kaiya Rain coming out. She seems to really be accepting that I am in charge. She is not challenging me quite as much. She smiles SOOO much. She is a cut up- she loves to do silly things to make us laugh. She is a bit of a dare devil and is not afraid of much.

So far she has said very clearly Mama, Dada, Oka (Polka Dot).. She also seems to be saying things in Chinese which I, of course don't understand. She calls me something that sounds like Ayee a lot. I am told it means Auntie and that is what she called her nanny at the orphanage. Isn't that adorable??? She is stinkin' cute, funny, smart and just plain wonderful!

Oh Amie had a question about how whether we have Kaiya full time or do visits. They just give you your child cold turkey when you arrive. What a ride huh?? :0) She has been with us since this past Monday when they brought her full time. Sweet girl didn't know what hit her. But kids are so wonderful and resilient. The time involved being here is getting the adoption finalized. You get the China side finalized in your child's province. Then you come to Guangzhou to get the US side finalized. Then you are free to go.

Well, today and tomorrow we are resting and hanging out. I will try to update more today. We are getting so many cute smiles I really need to take pictures. The Internet here is much slower. I have to load the pics one at a time and then walk away for awhile. Yikes... we will see if the video is even a remote possibility. I'll try. OK I got a super cute video on. It took like 45 minutes I think. Tell me if it doesn't work. HUGS to my blogger buddies!! Angel

2T clothes falling off my skinny minnie! :0)

Thursday, May 29, 2008