Wednesday, February 27, 2008

50 Days Waiting For LOA

It's been 50 days! 50 DAYS ALREADY!!! Can you believe it? We have been waiting for our letter of approval for 50 so far and they usually come between 60 and 90 days. Usually more towards the 90 part and occasionally a bit over 90. I have told myself to not even start thinking about getting it till 60 and not start hoping for it till 70 days. We will travel about 6 weeks after we get LOA. It still looks like May travel for now. We will see!!! :0) I am starting to get REALLY excited. I am trying hard to just keep content and enjoy where we are. So far I am doing great with that. It helps that we have been CRAZY busy! Hee hee.. It also helps knowing that soon my friend will be there with her and I should be getting new pictures and I HOPE video. YAY!!!! It does a mommy's heart good to see her baby while she waits.

AAACCCCKKKK! I am getting CRAZY excited. It's COMING people. We are almost into MARCH here. We are talking 2 or 3 months here. Soon I will be holding that gorgeous little bundle of sweetness in that photo. Soon I will be hearing her laugh for the first time... Cuddling with her for the first time...chasing a barely 2 year old around again. WOW! OK... breathing deep... staying calm.
;0) Angel

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

For My Momma..

I would like to dedicate this song to my momma. When my friends and I heard it we could not stop laughing. AND NO my mom does not buy crud like they do in the song! Most of the awesome stuff in Kaiya's new room were things she found while cruisin' EBAY. I think she is the new reigning queen of ebay!! When I heard this song I knew it would make her laugh. So here's to you momma.... I am LOVIN your ebay skills and I love you. Angel Face

This Gave Me The Giggles...

When something makes me smile this big I have to share it with you. No I don't know this kiddo but he is so AWESOME! Thanks for sharing it Nonny.

:0) Angel

Monday, February 25, 2008

Two New Little Gifts At Eagle's Nest...

Eagle's Nest has taken in two more little cherubs who had nowhere else to go. They just arrived at the home this past weekend. There are no funds for them yet. Just faith that God will provide as He has for the rest of them. Aren't they precious??? The little girl in the first picture is Irma. Loving the cheeks right? The little boy with the AWESOME hair is Jairo. What gorgeous Guatababies!!

Your generosity for the children at Eagle's Nest has been amazing. THANK YOU! Russ and I want to help these two new babies but we can't take care of both on our own due to our adoption expenses at the moment. Can you help us support these little blessings?
Eagle's Nest just needs to get over the hump till adoptions in Guatemala open again. We hope and pray that is very soon. Soon these babies can be matched with loving mommies and daddies.
Every dollar you can give helps! Eagle's Nest does not want to turn these babies away knowing what they face if they are not taken in. If we can help them make it through this tough time it will make a huge difference. Every child they help is a child who has a second chance at life.
You can make a one time gift or sponsor a child monthly. You can give as much as you can afford. You will receive monthly updates and reports for the child you help to support. To give to a child or to the home simply go to and click on HOW CAN I HELP... when you scroll down on the page there is a pay pal donation button. It is WAY easy to give. Every little bit really does help. If you want to e-mail me you can get in touch with me at
Thank you so much for caring. For those who care about our sponsor child- Droopy Dog we still have no information on how she is since the government moved her. I pray for her so much. We just want her to go to a good home. I will let you know if we find out more. I will also update if I get new pictures of these cutie patooties.
:0) Angel

Adoption and Lessons In Compassion

Well I wasn't planning on spilling the beans on my little surprise till China but I had to tell you a special story. We all know my little slide shows are really special for me. When I hear a song that hits me I store it away in my mental slide show file for later. As of last week I hadn't found that perfect song for the day we meet Kaiya. I knew it had to be the perfect song. So while we were on our way to drop off Zoe at school last week I prayed... I know, I know. Maybe you think it's strange to pray about that but I don't. God and I chat about things all day every day. ;0) So I prayed that God would show me the perfect song. I kid you not.... 2 songs later a song came on and I almost started bawling but figured that wasn't smart when driving car pool. We had dropped off Zoe at this point so I asked Kaitlyn if she wanted to listen to it. I rewound the XM radio and she listened really carefully.

When I looked in the review mirror I felt like her eyes were getting more and more full of tears. I thought I must be mistaken. She must be tired or something. After all- there was no way that a four year old could get the link... be deeply touched by music that way right?

When it was over I said, "Baby, your eyes look sad. Are you sleepy?" Kaitlyn said, "No Mommy, it's just that this song makes me think about Kaiya and about Zoe in Guatemala. I think about Zoe when she was in that mudslide and she was alone. It makes me sad. I don't want Kaiya to be alone in China. I am so glad we are going to be her family."

Well that did it. Then I was really crying. I was glad we had arrived at our destination by that point. We sat in the car and listened to the words together. All week I have just kept reflecting on it. Look what God has done.... I had no idea the profound lessons God would teach my children through this journey He has asked us to take.

It is so easy to think that when we make a choice to do something big in our heart it won't reach very far. It's easy to think we can't really make a difference. The truth is we will never know the profound difference we make. We won't realize the way we are changing the course of history. What will our children do because our faith changed their hearts? What will their children do? What will our friends and loved ones do differently because we chose to be unafraid?

Seeing Kaitlyn's heart and compassion for orphans touched me deeply. It is something far beyond anything I could have explained to her.... This precious heart is a gift of God. Something she could only learn by seeing it. I thank the Lord that through these crazy hard lessons not only has He been changing me but He is teaching my little princesses so much more than I could ever have hoped to teach them. This 4 year old gets things that many 40 year olds still try to grasp or ignore all together.

So here is the song.... In a few months, Lord Willing, you will watch me meet my little Kaiya for the first time to this music. The journey to a family through her eyes...
"When You Look Me In The Eyes"

-If the heart is always searching,

Can you ever find a home?

I've been looking for that someone,

I can't make it on my own.

Dreams can't take the place of loving you,

There's gotta be a million reasons why it's true.

When you look me in the eyes,

And tell me that you love me.

Everything's alright,

When you're right here by my side.

When you look me in the eyes,

I catch a glimpse of heaven.

I find my paradise,

When you look me in the eyes.

How long will I be waiting,

To be with you again

Gonna tell you that I love you,

In the best way that I can.
I can't take a day without you here,

You're the light that makes

my darkness disappear.

When you look me in the eyes,

And tell me that you love me.

Everything's alright,

When you're right here by my side.

When you look me in the eyes,

I catch a glimpse of heaven.

I find my paradise,

When you look me in the eyes.

More and more, I start to realize,

I can reach my tomorrow,

I can hold my head up high,

And it's all because you're by my side.
When you look me in the eyes,

And tell me that you love me.

Everything's alright,

When you're right here by my side.

When I hold you in my arms,

I know that it's forever.

I just gotta let you know,

I never wanna let you go.

When you look me in the eyes.

And tell me that you love me.

Everything's alright,

When you're right here by my side.
When you look me in the eyes,

I catch a glimpse of heaven.

I find my paradise,

When you look me in the eyes.

When you watch the video try to ignore all the screaming teeny bopper girls. ;0) They won't be in my video.

Don't underestimate yourself and the impact you make. Keep walking the path you know you should be on. Your children see it. Their hearts take it in. Hugs, Angel

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another Care Package For Kaiya!!!

How blessed am I? A momma with my agency is going to pick up her sweet little baby named Tia at the SWI where Kaiya is staying. Ellie is SO precious to bring Kaiya a second care package from us. Not only that but she is going to try valiantly to get pictures and video of my sweet baby. YOU HEARD RIGHT! So here are the details. I got to send the nannies copies of all the pictures that were taken last time so they could keep them. I also wrote them a letter. I thanked them for how hard they work and told them how happy it made me to see the sweet lady caring for Kaiya. YES! I also shamelessly hinted that I love her hair and can't wait to put bows in it. I guess we will see if it works. Besides I used babble fish to translate so for all I know it really says I hate long hair please make her head bald and shiny. Hee hee.. I hope they don't shave her beautiful hair but I am prepared with a million adorable hats if they do. ;0)

Here is her package all packed with her name on it. It wasn't bursting at the seems this time. I kept myself under control since it was my second care package and I know she has warm clothes!

This was my favorite part of the care package. I hope it works well!! It is a disposable digital camcorder. It's from CVS Pharmacy. It holds 20 minutes of video and then they will develop it and put it on DVD with software for sharing!
It's $30 which I wouldn't normally spend but it's way worth it to get a video from China of our baby. She might be able to get a video of my friend's baby there too. So that would be awesome. Just wanted to share for those of you who have waiting kiddos where this might come in handy.

We sent some warm, soft jammies. I figured they could be a nice first layer for our sweet ladybug.
Kaitlyn helped me pick them out for our girl.
This is the toy Kaitlyn picked out for her.

When you pull on it the bug lights up and makes little sounds. Very cute.

Here is a tired Kaitlyn looking just THRILLED to display the tootsie rolls we sent in the bag. :0) We sent these for the nannies and older kiddos.

I am sending HUGE thank you to Ellie for making the effort to do this for us and for our babies. You are precious and I will make every effort to pay it forward and bless others the way you are blessing us!

I am so pumped to follow Ellie's trip to China. She leaves THIS week!!! WOOHOOO!!! She should be meeting her sweet little baby girl and our Kaiya as well as our friend's baby on the 2nd or 3rd of March. I have told her to just post pics in whatever way is easiest. So if you help me stalk her blog we just might see pics of Kaiya there first. Let me know if you spot them before I do!!! I AM SOOOO EXCITED! GO ELLIE! We will be cheering you on. I can't wait to see Tia in your arms.

Hugs, Angel

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Cuteness Never Stops!

Kaitlyn: Why did God make lots of different stuff?

Me: Well... do you mean like how He made animals and people?

Kaitlyn: I'm not worried about ANIMALS and PEOPLE mommy..... What I am worried about is TOYS and HOUSES and BARBIES!!

Me: (trying not to giggle) Ohhhh... I see. Well, God makes people and people make different toys and houses and Barbies.

Kaitlyn: WHY??

Me: Well, don't you think having lots of different kinds of toys is fun?

Kaitlyn: OHHHHH OK. (Then she immediately leaves the room)

Gotta love her. She makes me smile every day. :0) Angel

Friday, February 22, 2008


One of my blogger buddies posted this video. It's a preview for a movie. I found it so interesting. Thought you might be interested too! I do tend to feel that tolerance and free speech lean in one direction. I am highly supportive of tolerance and fair speech for all ends of the spectrum. I'll have to check this one out. :0)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

KK Cuteness for the day

Daddy, why do ALL of mommy's friends have the SAME name?? All of them have the name Mrs.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Today we had SO much fun. We got to meet some Guatabuddies at The Woodlands Children's Museum. It was so much fun. We hung out with
Candy and Kya Blu from
as well as a few other friends. It was a GREAT afternoon. I can hardly wait till next time. Here are a few pictures and a little video I put together with my little flip camcorder. I just did it really quickly in like 10 minutes. I was having fun seeing what it can do. I also stole a few from Candy's blog! Enjoy. :0) Angel

Feeling All Better

YAY!!! We found a new place to stay!! They were so kind. I asked them all about their policies to be sure this was not something that would happen again. I explained to them what happened so they would understand why I was concerned. I was not unkind at all about it and did not name the property or owner. I must say I was so relieved to hear their shock at the way it was handled. I It made me feel less crazy! :0)

They assured me that in the event that any complaint was issued by their housekeeping it would have to be very quickly after the guest checked out to be sure no one else acquired the code to get in and use the condo. They would also ask that the condo not be cleaned and they would go and take pictures of it. I thought these policies made a lot more sense and left less room for deception. She also assured me that the housekeeping service they use has been honest to the point of often not charging them for things she did not need to do when things were cleaned. That's very comforting.

On top of that you can be sure from now on I will be using my handy dandy flip camcorder to take a video of the condo before we leave while showing the time and date on the cell phone.

I feel SO much better now. Thank you so much for your kind comments. God DOES always provide. I think this is actually going to work out great. We are going next weekend instead and Russ is going to be able to take a couple of days off. WOOHOO! So we will get to take a long weekend. That is a special treat. Now the girls are extremely excited because Daddy gets to spend extra time with them. They also gave us a wonderful rate and they seemed very interested in working out a long term agreement.

We still have not recieved the report of the claims of the horrid mess we alledgedly left. My friend and I both called to ask for it again. Weird.

Oh well. I am good now. I truly think it is a loss for this kind lady that she did not give us the benefit of the doubt but I don't hold any anger about it. I wish her the best though I do hope she eventually finds out the truth.

I truly thank you for your sweet words. I needed them this morning.

Hugs, Angel

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

A good name is more desirable than great riches, and loving favor is better than silver and gold. Proverbs 22:1

Something happened yesterday that really upset me. Like REALLY upset me. I am not sure how to handle it. Well, there is really nothing I can do. I just have to let it go. It's weird... I have handled this adoption so well... then I had this thing happened and it felt like a swift kick in the gut! First we lost our sweet Droopy Dog and then this. Maybe it was just too much for one weekend.

Earlier this year Russ and I had planned a trip to Disney World with the girls for Feb. It was going to be my present and Zoe's present for our b-days. Well because of finances having to do with a certain adoption of our cutie patootie Kaiya and issues with taking time off we needed to cancel it.

So I decided to find a place at that beach we visited back in October that is close to us. I am sure you remember it. Anyway... I am not going to put down any names. I don't want this to be a mean post. I am just so sad and needed to get this out.

Well I found this condo that I loved and contacted the owner about whether she would be interested in a long term relationship. We would stay for a certain amount of weekends per year and she would give us good rates. She was SO excited and so was I. For me this was literally a dream come true. I felt like God was blessing us as a family through this precious lady and the ability to get away to the beach. Since I was a little bitty munchkin I have dreamed of being able to do that.

Soooo this weekend was supposed to be our first trip for Zoe's birthday. I have talked to the owner many times on the phone and we have e-mailed a LOT. She was even sweet enough to mail me a square for Kaiya's quilt and leave a present for Zoe in the condo. Isn't that great?

Since she had some open days she offered me an amazing rate for last weekend. So I called up a couple of girlfriends and we did a last minute trip up there with no kids. It was so nice and relaxed and I could not have been more thrilled. I told Zoe and Kaitlyn that they would get to go next week and not to worry. ;0) They have been talking about it and were so pumped up.

When we left the condo we were SOOOO careful. I wanted to be very respectful of this lady's condo. We made the beds. We cleaned the pots and pans by hand. I even went through and picked up little pieces of hair off the floor with a tissue so that it wouldn't be messy. I dusted off the couch and fluffed the pillows. Now there were a few frozen glasses of virgin pina colada that were in the freezer. We never got to them and they were frozen so we could not throw them out so we put them in the sink so they would be thawed for housekeeping. We were paying more for housekeeping than for a night there so I had no inkling that this would be a problem. When we left the place looked almost perfect. In fact we were joking that the housekeeper would be very happy to have an easy job.

I was so excited about the situation that I was telling everyone. Several of my friends and my momma were going to be calling to start working with her too! We were all LOVING it.

Then yesterday we got a call saying that we were going to be charged an extra $35 because housekeeping said there was no damage to the condo but it was extremely dirty. WHAT?? I did not care about the $35 but I was very upset that we were being falsely accused. They contacted my friend so she told them exactly what I told you. We were sure that it was a mistake and that they would call back and say they had the wrong room or something. Even so I immediately called the owner to tell her the situation. She didn't answer so I left her a message.

About an hour later I recieved a 2 line e-mail from the owner saying based on this report she was canceling all our trips including the ones we payed for. (they are refunding our money of course) I was SHOCKED! Thinking maybe she had not gotten my message I wrote her back a very nice e-mail. I thought for sure she would call me or write back but she has decided to terminate our business relationship. We called back and forth with the management company. We begged them to please drive over to see it themselves. They said that was not their job. I would have driven there myself if I had known early enough. I would have taken video proving it was clean if I had known. There was nothing I could do.

So I had to tell Zoe we could not go to the beach for her birthday present because somebody said mommy left it dirty when I didn't... I am so incredibly hurt and confused. What is going on? Why didn't she even hear me out? Just the night before we chatted for about 15 minutes on the phone. A housekeeper who makes money off of the place being really dirty claims that it is with no proof and without even hearing my side she cancels a long term contract that would make her a LOT of money. Not to mention how many of my friends I was rounding up for her because I really liked her and her place.

I am deeply hurt and spent quite a bit of time last night bawling my eyes out. I just hate that there is NO WAY for me to prove that this is all not true. I don't know what happened. The place was not even cleaned the day we left. I don't know why. So I guess someone could have gotten in with the code. That doesn't make a lot of sense to me. What makes more sense is that the housekeeping staff likes to claim messier rooms because they make more money. BUT I don't know that either.

I need to let this go... I am just disappointed and so sad for Zoe and Kaitlyn. This was a big deal for our family. We were all ready for this. I never would have done anything to mess that up but it doesn't matter. I am guilty till proven innocent. It stinks.

I am not going to be angry... I know that when things like this happen we can choose to be angry or we can learn from it. I am going to choose to learn from it. I am going to forgive the person who falsely accused us though it cost us a lot. I forgive this lady for not giving me a chance. I know she must have been very hurt by someone in the past if it is hard for her to trust. I am very sad but I will just have to get on with it. Thanks for I just needed to get it out. Hugs to my buds.

:0( Angel

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sad News About Our Droopy Dog

As many of you know we have been sponsoring a sweet little cherub that I met on my mission trip to Eagle's Nest in Guatemala. This weekend Claire was so kind to write and tell us about some very sad news. I truly wept. Our little sweet cheeks was taken, by the government, from her house mommy and the only home she has ever known. I love this little girl and ask you to pray with me that God will give her a wonderful family and a home. My heart aches for her tonight. You are loved little one.

Copied from Eagles Nest blog....

Yesterday was the hearing in Mixco for Milka. Just a routine hearing to get more information for the investigation to find her mother. There was a substitute judge and she was in a hurry. Ana told me that it was as if court was doing something quickly, because the judge had the power that day. The judge said what a cute healthy baby, and then came back in to say that she was being transfered to a home in the city and that the home there could not pick her up, so she personally was just going to take her. So with Milka screaming and reaching for Ana they took her to the car and away she went. Ana said they did not give a reason.

We know at this time that the courts are really making this part of their investigation process. They review the papers, and then they issue a “rescue” and have the child taken to another home. We think maybe so that the first home will not benefit from an adoption.

We feel that is just a “control” issue, but we have no idea of their reasoning.

Please pray for Milka that she will adjust quickly to her new surroundings.

We are so sorry for the family who has loved her from the beginning and for Angel who has supported her for 2 month. We pray for you in this sad time. We will still be doing what we can to have her transfered back, but it is out of our control.

The government is calling this the “protection of the child”
It makes us feel like they think the paper work is
important, but the child is not.

We have protected Milka since she was born.

I just wanted to let all of you know. We will continue to support this wonderful ministry. We are praying about what we are supposed to do next. Hugs, Angel

Monday, February 18, 2008

Way Too Funny

Ever since Kaitlyn was about 2 years old Russ has been teaching her what she should say if a boy EVER tries to kiss her... Hee hee hee... I think it is backfiring. Take a look!

Friday, February 15, 2008

My New Toy!

I am in LOVE in loooove. OK... I know you can't be in love with a a thing unless you have a sad disorder but I am in MAJOR LIKE! My buddy Holly introduced me to the Flip Video Ultra. AAAHHHHHHH! IT'S SOOOO WONDERFUL! I was instantly smitten. Then my momma went and BOUGHT one for me. Is this all just a wonderful dream???

Here is why I am in like with the flip. You know I like to do music videos and video clips right? Well.. duh. You read my blog. You know this. So this little gadget is about the size of a medium sized cell phone and takes one hour of medium quality digital video! UHHHH YEAH! Then it has this little attachment that pops out and hooks straight into your computer. THEN up pops this software that will automatically upload your video to youtube... remix it into a movie for you using your music or theirs... let you take digital pictures from the video you took and save it to your picture files... save the videos to your computer or WHATEVER! All that and this little sucker was $150 at Best Buy. SAY WHAT??? This is AMAZING! I am in MAJOR LIKE!

Actually all of the video clips from Zoe's birthday were taken with my new flip. AWESOME! Do you know what this means for us when I go to AFRICA and CHINA? It means lots of AWESOME videos without me breaking my neck carrying my gargantical (yes I made up a word) video camera. I can just carry it around in my little ol purse all the time. OH!!!! It also runs on AA lithium batteries and apparently if you make SURE they are lithium they will last a long time. I just have to carry extras in my purse and no more freak outs about not having charged the video camera. Not only that... This is much less intrusive than a video camera so people don't feel so intimidated or notice this huge thing stuck on my head. :0) OH and I can take pictures FROM the video. Of course my camera is a million times better and I will always use it for photo sessions but it's nice that I can just carry this in my purse for capturing spontanious fun! My camera is too big to carry all the time. So it's great to have BOTH now. I AM SO STINKIN SPOILED!

It's not even funny how spoiled I am now. :0) Soooo I just had to share this with you. It's my new favorite toy and I had to tell you about cause every momma should be so blessed as to have this. It's a great toy. I swear they are not paying me to say this although I would be glad to recieve a check! ;0) Check them out at

HUGS! Angel

Kaitlyn and Daddy On Valentine's Day

Daddy: Kaitlyn, will you be my Valentine??

Kaitlyn: DADDY! I am a person NOT a heart. So I think the answer is NO!

Daddy: Well, I guess that makes since doesn't it momma?

I could not stop giggling about that one. Poor Russ.... REJECTED with the old I am not a HEART argument. TOO funny. HEE HEE HEE!! How can we not love life when we live with the sweetest, FUNNIEST little girls?? :0) Angel

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Balance Time!

Kaitlyn: Mommy, today my teacher at bible study said, "It is balance time."

Me: Ohhhh.... uhhh did you balance on one foot?

Kaitlyn: No MOMMY! That is NOT what you do for balance time.

Me: Oh I see. What DO you do?

Kaitlyn: You make hearts and put pretty stickers on them and you give them to people.

Me: OHHHHH!! (giggling) Do you mean VALENTINES?

Kaitlyn: That's what I SAID- BALANCE TIME!

Hee hee hee....


Birthday Girl's Video


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby!

My Valentine's baby. My eldest princess turns 9 tommorrow. Is it possible? Can you believe it? I can't... It's so strange isn't it? Time... It's an elusive concept. It seems just yesterday I met a scared little 6 year old in Guatemala.
She was a little mouse- scared of her own shadow- so skinny you could count each and every rib. Her hair was short and choppy, her teeth decayed, her skin sun damaged. Even so she was breath takingly beautiful. Her heart was even more beautiful. She had this inner strength that had kept her going through everything- it got her to us. She had an amazing sweetness that overwhelmed us and let us know she knew how to love. She had experienced pain that I have difficulty understanding even now though I try to feel it with her. She was scared to even speak to us. She would giggle uncontrollably because she was afraid to cry. She was precious and a little spastic. She was kind and clingy. She was nurturing and loving but wouldn't look into our eyes. She didn't know how to learn. She had never had a hot bath. She had never eaten in a restaurant. She had never gone shopping at a real store for new clothes. Eating every day was considered a luxury. We had to listen for her tummy to growl because she wouldn't dare to ask for food. She considered the ground a bed.
When she came home she was terrified. She loved us but was afraid to love us. She wanted to be perfect but wanted to leave us before we left her. This scared little one- and now...

Now at nine she is a completely different child- yet the same heart and strength. She is so tall and strong. She has become far more spririted and can border on sassy. ;0) She is funny and a little sarcastic. She is incredibly smart and only a little scared now. She has opinions and dreams. She sings her favorite songs loud and off key while she listens to her Ipod. She is an artist and has great fashion sense. She is incredibly grateful and gracious. She is sensitive and crazy helpful. She is hands down the most amazing big sister I have ever seen. I have fallen in love with her. Truly I have...

It happened slowly for me. From the moment I saw her picture I loved her. Yet the feeling has evolved and changed. At first it scared me that the feelings didn't overwhelm me the way I hoped they would. I felt like I should feel more. I felt mediocre and wondered if I had overestimated myself. The truth is I had. I am selfish and shallow. God was doing something so much bigger than I was capable of doing myself. I didn't even know about this kind of love... it was more profound than anything I had experienced...

In the beginning I admired Zoe deeply- found her to be so sweet. Soon I really liked her too. Before long I was used to her and became comfortable with her. Eventually we shared secrets and jokes. Finally sometimes we didn't even need to talk at all because I knew what she was thinking. Then it happened. I don't know when. It crept up on me.
While I write this I have tears in my eyes. I am so in love with this kid. The very thought of not having her in my life leaves me breathless. I don't just love her. I am not just committed to her. She is mine.... at my core. I am head over heals. I can't begin to picture this family without OUR Zoe. It would never be right. It would be like losing my arm or leg. I would never be the same.

How does that happen? How does a six year old with crazy hair step into your life and steal your heart away? It's God- it's a gift. It's not easy or simple. It's messy and complicated and sometimes confusing. It pushes you beyond what you can handle on your own. It forces you to give up who you are and become more than you ever thought you could be. Then one day you turn around and see that your life is a miracle. You can't claim it- it's clearly God's hand. All around you is something beautiful... something God created. Zoe has given me far more than I could ever hope to give her. She has changed who I am. I am better and stronger- my heart understands more because of what she has taught me.

I love you Zoe... with all my heart. Love isn't a strong enough word.


You are mine, my little Valentine.

Love, Your Mommy

This CRACKED me up!

I read this post and begged Michelle to "borrow" it for my blog. If you have been a member of many forums you will know why it gave me a serious case of the giggles. Let me say though that I am now a member of the most awesome forum!! CHI Waiting Children Forum is unbelievably awesome! I am so grateful to be a part of it. They are not like this AT ALL BUT I have been on forums in the past that were NOT so kind and supportive...thus the giggles. Thanks Michelle for a good laugh. :0) Angel


On the advice of counsel, I'd like to mention that what you are about to read is fictional. Any similarities to actual events or persons, either living or dead, is purely coincidental. The characters mentioned are composites only, and in no way represent actual individuals. All in good fun, folks. If you don't understand this post, you've never belonged to a Yahoo group. At least not a Vietnam one.

New Recipe Exchange Yahoo Group

-This group is for all in the recipe community. We're here to learn from each other and support each other as we go through the baking process together.

WELCOME to the group!!
Member #1: I just found the most awesome brownie recipe. These really are the best brownies ever!!
Member #2: How do you know these are the best brownies ever? Have you tried every brownie recipe out there? Are you a brownie expert? Isn't it a little irresponsible of you to come here with unsubstantiated RUMOR? Who the heck do you think you are anyway, trying to tell all of us how to do it? Most of us have been here for years. Why don't you just crawl back under the cake pan you came from and take your #$%* brownies with you!
Memmer #3: To bad how sum peeple seem to foget that I alreudy posted the best brounie recippy ever last moth, in post #5(3, and if you well recal I wus alreudy warning everwon at that time about this knew, dangrous trand of adding pecans instedd of walnuts, which I see the first comentator has don in her sposed "awesome" recippy. Az I sed meny times, tis is only going to cauze probelms for ever other brounie baker out their. How can you jussify your thoughtles, selfish axtions?
Member #1: I'm deeply sorry if I've offended anyone with my brownie recipe. That was certainly not my intention. I had no idea my addition of pecans would be considered selfish. If someone could explain to me exactly how pecans are selfish, I would love to hear it. I mean really, I would. I thought I had finally found a place where I could share my recipes in a mature environment, but I guess not. I do have a great cookie recipe to share. If anyone's interested, you can just email me privately and I'll be happy to give you the recipe.
Member #2: HYPOCRITE! First it's brownies and now it's cookies... Funny how easy it is for you to switch back and forth as it suits your purposes! After you've already benefitted from the brownies, now you're going to cram cookies down our throats? Where are your ethics? And I see you don't have the guts to post your cookie recipe on the list. What do you have to hide? Hmmm? Right now, I feel like going WWE on your buttocks. People like you really make me sick. You are what's wrong in the baking world today.
Member #4: Hi! I'm new to this group. I'm so happy to be here. How many members are in this group? I've been baking for years but I'm looking forward to learning new things from all of you!! Hey, if anyone has trouble with burning themselves while baking, I know of a great burn ointment.
Mamber #3: Whut we need two due is regalate the hole prosess. I sed that all alonge.
Member #4: I'm sorry I don't understand what you mean. Regulate what whole process? Can you please explain? Is it possible you meant to reply to someone else's comment? I just joined this group.-

Mumble #3: I downt haf to explane enything to you. My commets wer takun strate frum the govermets websit. Go reed it youself.
Member #2: We don't discuss burn ointments here. This is not the proper forum for that. You'll have to start a new group specifically for burn ointments. Where the heck is the moderator?
Member #5: Has it ever occured to any of you people that some of us have allergies to nuts? I'm so sick of the blatant discrimination that goes on here. Do you really think you should be flaunting the fact that you can eat nuts while some of us are suffering without them? Did it ever occur to you that I would love to eat a #*$& pecan or a walnut, but I can't? Besides, my neighbor has a sister who is a professional baker and she said her assistant heard from someone who dated a guy who would know that nuts may or may not cause something bad to happen sometime in the near to distant future, so there. Those are the FACTS! So, enjoy your nuts, folks. You know, it's really sad- I joined this group because I thought there would be recipes for people like me, but I can see there's not. So, please cancel my membership to this group.-

Member #1: I wish we could stick to recipes. Wouldn't we all get along better if we stayed on topic?
Member #2: This list is open to all topics except burn ointment. Everyone's opinions are welcome here, so shutup. No one wants to hear what you think.
Nember #3: Yess. Thas esattly whut I wus sawing. You prooved my poit.
Member #2: I've started a petition to get members #1 and #4 banned from this group. It's at www dot shut them the blank up dot com. Please come sign it. Together we can do some good.
Menber #3: Fourty Seven.

Mombar #3: I tortaly agee wih you. Exselent poit. Thayk you for sush an insighfull post! I downt no how yoo due it, butt you say tings so mush cleerer than I ken. Thanc yue!
Member #2: Which post are you agreeing with? And what is "Fourty Seven?" Why can't people on this list ever hit the reply button when replying to messages, instead of the post button? Is that asking for too much? And while we're at it, is it too difficult to trim your replies? All I'm asking for is a little common courtesy.-

Seems kind of silly, doesn't it? Good thing stuff like this never happens in real life. That would be crazy.

The Daddy Daughter Dance

Last weekend was the annual Daddy/Daughter Dance at our church! The girls got all dressed up in their party dresses and put sparkles in their hair. Then Daddy picked them up for dinner and dancing. They had so much fun. Russ is such a great Daddy. I am so grateful for that.