Friday, December 12, 2008


It's time to CELEBRATE! Kaiya's cast finally came off on Monday!!!

They also had to take these out of her elbow. :0(

When she saw me taking pictures of the pins Kaiya pointed to the pins and said, "This Owie."

Then she pointed to her elbow and said, "Owie, Owie."

Sweet girl!! She is so brave. She has been very tough.

She had to have the cast on two extra weeks because we COULD NOT get the hospital in Florida to transfer the records through the longest time. No doctor would remove it without the records.

It was SO FRUSTRATING! I was seriously considering driving her back to Orlando so I could get it OFF!

Still though... we got it off and now we are DANCIN!


Life is good!!!


Scott and Carolyn said...

Did the $5.00 come out of her elbow? :) Just kidding.

I'm glad she is better. :)

Wendy said...

Now get the bubble wrap, the duct tape and the helmet and wrap that girl up! Maybe she will make it through the holidays that way! She has to be the cutest little walking disaster I have ever seen!!!!!!

DawnS said...

Awwww... poor sweetie!


Paul and DeeDee said...

Glad to see it finally off! wowzers:)

Amy said...

So glad she is better!

She is such a cutie! I hope everyday gives her a reason to dance!

Meridith said...

Yea, Kaiya!!! Ya know, I am blessed with a dryer that sometimes reveals money. I had no idea that elbows have the same ATM abilities.

Mandy said...

I saw the $5 too and thought, wow she shoved some money down her cast too? I admit, it took me a minute.....I am glad that her cast is finally off! I love the comment above about the bubble wrap!

Angel said...

LOL! I forgot I just said take THESE out of her arm. I really just put the dollar bill there to show how big the pins were. Hee hee hee... I would not have been a BIT surprised if it had been down there though. ;0) Angel

Anonymous said...

The joy of having a cast off! Rachel broke her leg (loooong story) when she was 15 months old and had to be in a spica cast right before Christmas. I cannot tell you how happy I was when the doctor told us on Friday before Christmas on Monday that he was taking the cast off! Yea for you! I am praying for a cast free Christmas for you!

Reba said...

Yeah, Kaiya! I am dancing with you (well, mentally, too tired to get up and do it :). Now, slow steps and be careful!

Tracey said...

So glad a DR finally pulled his/her head out:) I love this little one! Such a sweetie!

Darlene said...

OH MY WORD. That girl is just stinking precious!!!

Yeah, Kaiya. Dance, sweetie, Dance!