Monday, December 08, 2008

What if we didn't buy so much junk for Christmas?

....So I like gifts just as much as the next gal. My kids really like gifts. This Christmas my kiddos will wake up to some nice things. I have nothing against buying gifts. Yet consider this: America spends an average of $450 billion a year every Christmas.

Thinking back there are many times when I have not just bought things that my children truly wanted. I actually bought things they didn't even think about simply because I could or thought it was fun. Would they really miss that extra shirt I bought cause it was on sale? Did they NEED another Barbie just cause it was only $5? Did I HAVE to spend the extra $15 on stocking stuffer gifts that broke or got lost the first day?

There are also so many times we are buying gifts out of obligation because it's what we think we are supposed to do... Is it really?

What if this year we consider buying ONE LESS GIFT for Christmas. Just one. Sounds insignificant... but if all of us took that step to buy one less thing and then give that money to someone who truly needed a gift.. it would make a huge difference.

This year some of my friends chatted about this very subject. We all decided that none of us- and none of our kids- needed more stuff. We are already doing the fun gift thing with our families. So instead of buying each other more stuff we will be giving that money away to people who actually need it. How much cooler is that than a Starbucks gift card??

Take a look at this video... consider joining The Advent Conspiracy..


Tessa said...

Amen sister! My extended family has already decided to SLIM down Christmas this year. It was getting WAY out of hand. We definitely need to focus on the less fortunate and helping as much as we can. Thanks for the reminder!

ale said...

my family began the tradition of not exchanging presents several years ago. it took a lot of pressure off the Holidays and allowed us to concentrate on what really matters! What is the point of shopping for Christmas now that people can shop year-round? I am all about making REAL room for Jesus and this requires getting away from materialist holidays!

Enjoy a consummerism-free Christmas!

Mel said...

Like you I love presents but I also know that a present does not equal love. I think we all need to be reminded of what you just said!!!

Wendy said...

We had already decided to do this too! Less STUFF means we can focus more on the meaning and the memories.

Holly said...

Amen sister! Let's take Christmas back for CHRIST!
I loved your post 6 months ago- your feelings were expressed beautifully! LOVED it!

Holly said...

We have been fully engaged in "advent conspiracy" for the past couple years and it feels SOOOO great! This year is no exception as we continue to push that envelope and go against the mainstream. :)

Alice said...

I LOVE this idea. This is the second year that our family has decided to NOT do "dirty Santa" exchange and to give the money to a charity instead. Last year we were able to buy two goats ($240) thru the Heifer International and this year we plan to give the money to Children's HopeChest (they let me pick the I am SO excited about it. Thanks for always being a LIGHT!!!

Anonymous said...

Another thought we heard of and has been our tradition. Jesus received 3 presents so that is all we do with our children and a few stocking stuffers.Mind you they still get a few more things from others but I think it has helped keep some of the focus off getting all the "stuff". It helps us as parents also to stop when we have the three things. We don't spend a lot on the items as well.We also go to the nursing home to visit and other volunteering like next week at a homeless shelter to help them learn the focus isn't all about them and things. No gaurentee but we hope it helps. Julie

Darlene said...

So right! I love this post.
Thank you, Angel, for the reminder. You are a blessing in my life, as you continue to exhort me to make a difference.

Merry-est Advent Season, sister in Christ!