Sunday, November 09, 2008

Ethiopia Updates and Announcements

Hey all! This is Russ - the enabler of Angel's Blogging addiction :o) Angel's not feeling well tonight but we wanted to take a break from Disney vacation pics to let you all know about a couple of things that are going on that may interested you.

You're Invited! Join Us On A RLC - Ethiopia Call With Tom Davis
So many of you have followed our journey through adoptions, through mission trips to Guatemala and Ethiopia, through our connection with Tom Davis and Children's Hopechest and ultimately through our efforts to bring holistic orphan care to children in Ethiopia. You may recall a recent post about how we can join together as a team to bring holistic orphan care to orphans in Ethiopia. Well ... so far, thank so much to the many of you caring blogger buddies, IT'S A GREAT SUCCESS! We have met our original sponsorship goal, but there is no limit to how many fatherless children we can help so there's still time to join us if you're interested.

We will host a call with Tom Davis (Author of "Red Letters" and "Fields of the Fatherless" and President of Children's Hopechest) that will allow you to learn more about how Children's Hopechest will bring life to hundreds of children in Ethiopia and how you can be a part of it. Whether you've already signed up to sponsor an orphan, brought your church on board or if you're interested but just want to know more before joining in, you're invited to call in, listen and ask questions. Also, feel free to spread the word.

Here is the call in information....
Date: Tuesday, November 11 at 2PM Central Standard Time
Conference Call Dial in Number: 605-990-0111
Access Code you will enter: 433537#

Click here to learn more about the Ethiopia Project

Make-Over Your Blog; Make-Over an Orphan's Life
If you're thinking about getting a blog make-over or just want to do something fun that gives back, then November is a great month to do it. Nikki of Blogs for a Cause has agreed to share her November blog make-over profits with Children's Hopechest to bring holistic orphan care to Ethiopia with the Red Letters Campaign. Nikki does a great job and she designed this blog's current and past looks. For $30, you can spice up your blog for the holidays and bring life to an orphan in Ethiopia.

Nikkis supports us and we absolutely support Nikki. As a college student, she is doing amazing things in the lives of our most vulnerable from Dominican Republic to Ethiopia. If you don't know Nikki already, you might enjoy following her adventures.

Click here to get a blog make-over
Click here to learn more about Nikki's great work in Ethiopia and Dominican Republic

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