Saturday, November 22, 2008

Emergency Adoption

These kids need a family QUICKLY! There are personality profiles available for each child. They sound SOOO precious. I did not want to post the profiles for privacy purposes. A couple of their profiles really struck me. I can e-mail you the profiles but that is all I have... angel weir at gmail dot com You can contact WACAP for ALL the info. There is also video and photos- I do not have those.

If you have a desire to add one of these children to your family please do not let the China requirements scare you off from asking. They DO grant exceptions in some cases. It doesn't hurt to ask! My adoption process through China was wonderful. It is probably the most organized adoption process there is right now. My trip to China was nothing short of spectacular. My child from China is INCREDIBLE as we all well KNOW!!!!!!! LOL! I truly fell in love with China and would go back in a heart beat.

I know several people who have used WACAP for China. They have done a great job and really advocate for hard to place children. Maybe these sweeties will find their home. I truly hope so. It breaks my heart to think that next year they will have lost their chance. Angel

Emergency Adoption -Ageing out healthy kids from China-Exceptions

considered- No adoption fees:

Our staff has met with these children in China and would be happy to
talk with you about them.

We are advocating for three girls from China age 13 and one boy age
13 from China that must have completed adoptions SOON! They are all
healthy. They are in danger of turning 14 and "ageing out." This
means they may have no support or resources and have to live on their
own in China - if they are not adopted before they turn 14.

There is no fee or application necessary to simply review these
children's information. We also have video and photos.GOOD NEWS!
Married couples may ask for exceptions to the adoption requirements
for these particular children. So if you don't fit all the guidelines
perfectly you may still be able to adopt one of these healthy
children. There is no fee to pay first to find out if you are may be
granted an exceptional.

All adoption fees have been donated for these children. There are no
application fees, no adoption fees and no post placement fees. This
is a savings of over $14000. There is also a no-interest loan of
$4500 that may be available and you may be eligible for over $10,000
in Adoption tax credit. Parents will be responsible for paying for
their home study, immigration, visas and travel fees.

Wait time:greatly reduced. WACAP ( will do everything
possible to expedite these adoptions. There are also 30 other
children age 10-12 available for adoption..WACAP ( is a
non-profit adoption agency with over 18 y ears of experience in
adoptions from China. Contact or 1-800-732-

Contact us at or 1-800-732-1887.

Requirements for China adoptions:

Married couples please inquire about the possibility of an exception
if you don't fit these guidelines.

Married couples only. Couples must be married a minimum of two years,
and couples with prior divorces must be married at least five years.
Both spouses must be 30–54 years of age (before 55th birthday must
complete the adoption for families adopting children who are older or
have special needs). Applicants must be "physically and mentally
healthy" as defined by the CCAA. Any of the following conditions may
disqualify an applicant: A body mass index (BMI) of 40 or more (see
this online BMI calculator), for either applicant. Infectious disease
still at an infective stage; Mental handicap; Blindness or severe
vision impairment; Inability to hear or speak unless planning to
adopt a child with the same condition, Afunction or dysfunction of
limbs or trunk caused by impairment, incompleteness, numbness or
deformation; severe facial deformation; severe diseases that require
long-term treatment and affect life expectancy, such as cancer,
lupus, kidney disease, epilepsy, etc.; A major organ transplantation
less than 10 years earlier; A history of cancer; Schizophrenia;Taking
medication for mental disorders (mild or severe), including
depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety disorder, within the
previous two years .

In addition to the requirement for the family's income to exceed
$10,000 per family member (including the child to be adopted), the
family's net worth must exceed $80,000.
Each applicant must hold a high school diploma or equivalent.
The youngest child currently in the home must be over 1 year of age.
Applicants must have no criminal record.
WACAP ( is a non-profit adoption agency with a long
history of adoptions form China. Contact Lynne Mason at or 1-800-732-1887.


Valerie said...

I just emailed them for info! This might be a perfect match for us as we were thinking about starting the process in a month or two for an older boy...:)

Valerie (and Doug and Henry)

Christine said...

It would be great if thse kids found a family.

Dimples and Stars Race Cars and Guitars said...

Oh girl...I just love you...although at 2 am I am not such a FAN...HAHA No really Thanks for all the emails tonight and understanding my CRAZY HEART AND MIND. I posted about this on my BLOG too...HUGS

Violet said...

OH, I will be praying for them! If I were not a single, 22 year old college student, living with my Dad, I'd consider it. I have such a passion for China, I have had since I was 10, and I went to China when I was 18. I love, love, love the country. I had a dream when I was 16 that I'd adopt from China and I know God affirmed that when I was in China. I know God has a child already picked out, in his perfect timing. For now I can be a prayer warrior for all the waiting children! Please keep us posted!

Livin' out loud said...

Angel, thanks so much for posting this...lets hope for lots of traffic over the next several days so we can get these kids HOME.