Sunday, October 26, 2008


I am SOOOOO thrilled to announce that we have met EVERY ONE of our goals in OPERATION PRINCESS HAIR!!!

We have raised a total of 

$1451.00 DOLLARS 

Here are the goals we met...

GOAL 1- Underhair Wig:

The money for her underhair wig was raised within the FIRST TWELVE HOURS!!!!!!!! AMAZING! 

Abby was soooooo excited to pick it out. Michelle said she kept talking about how she was happy to get her "wig hair." It arrived late last week and we are just waiting until someone can cut the bangs for her to make them just perfect. Then we will get lots of cute pictures. Michelle and I were giggling on the phone about how she looked a bit like "cousin it" with the bangs hanging all the way to her tummy. LOL! ;0) Michelle and I thought it might be a great Halloween costume but princess Abby said NO WAY! 

Goal 2- Custom made wig for Abby:

The money for the next wig was raised very shortly after. We have contacted the company and Abby is getting her head specially measured by a wig maker to make sure it fits perfectly. Her momma is also getting some expert advice to make sure the hair color is a prefect match. It's gonna be GREAT! 

Goal 3- Money for extra expenses:

So the first wig was $264... The second is going to be about $450... That leaves about $737 that we are able to give to her family to help with all their extra expenses. They have medical bills and extra gas and prescriptions to pay for. So this is a huge blessing!

Goal 4- Care Packages for Abby and family:

ON TOP OF THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even tell you how many people asked for info on sending sweet Abby a care package... Really I tried. It would take forever to count how many e-mails I have sent. She has already begun to receive some of her hats. I am so happy to know that Abby and her family will be receiving so many wonderful care packages. 

I, personally, have some ideas up my sleeve about a very special trip I have coming up and some gifts.... Ohhhhhh... ;0) I already sent her one hat and when the lady read who it was for she recognized Abby's name and refunded my MONEY! How amazing is that??? Not to mention even MORE BIG plans people have in mind for their family that I have been buzzing with some friends about. SO COOL! God is taking care of this sweet family through people like you who make a difference every single day. 

I look forward to keeping you updated as Abby gets her wigs. You can also keep up with her on their blog...

OK... Now I am getting weepy again. Thank you. My heart is overjoyed to see the way you love people. We've given Abby her princess hair and given her family the support they need. Don't underestimate the power of hope. What you do MATTERS! Who you are WILL make someones life a little better or a little worse every single day. Please continue to pray for them and leave them comments to let them know we are here for them all the way!

Today Abby's life is better because you are in it...Today MY life is better because you are in it...that means the world to me. Angel


Tessa said...

Amazing and so awesome! Again, thank you for introducing us to Abby and her family ... she is so precious and we are praying for her to be back to her bouncing self soon!

Melinda said...

Another Awesome Praise! This is so cool to see so many people surround the needs of our sisters in Christ! I am so proud to be a part of a community that is so eager to help each other out. Thanks again Angel for your heart that is always so willing to help other's out.

Wendi said...

YAY! praise God for the way he works through hearts to take care of princesses like Abby. You are a busy woman before your trip!Thanks for this encouraging update. It helps me know that people are still willing to give during uncertain times.