Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Red Letters Campaign- Launch Ethiopia!

A group of our RLC leaders just returned from Ethiopia! They went on a scouting mission to help Children's Hopechest scope out potential sponsorship opportunities.

GUESS WHO THEY VISITED??? Remember Hannah??

They went to see my Hannah.... Here is Tom Davis with her as they talked to her about how they could help her and all 162 of her children.

2 hours with this woman changed me forever. I have dubbed her the "Mother Theresa" of Ethiopia. She glows Jesus. If you can't see Jesus when you stand next to her you are blind to your core. Her words have rung in my ears MANY times since that meeting....

"Where there is a vision, there is provision. God is my provision..."

What is remarkable is that she lives those words every hour of every day.

She lives faith in a way that I have only theorized.

I have a deep love for this woman. I can't explain how deeply I care for her and her children. When I was in Ethiopia this past March I told Hannah I would do whatever I could to find her help. When I saw Sam blog about meeting her today it really hit me. I started crying with the realization that maybe we could actually make a difference for the children I fell madly in love with in Ethiopia. I feel so inadequate for this. It's something that's hard for me to grasp. I am just a normal person. How could God do something so big through someone so completely average?

It's happening... God is really opening the doors for Children's Hopechest to bring her support. The key is that I can not be better. I will never be more. God doesn't ask me do better- He only asks me to surrender more fully. I feel overwhelmed with gratitude to see God bringing this about in such an amazing way. Thank you Children's Hopechest for caring. Thank you.

Children's Hopechest and the RLC crew also went to meet with MANY other amazing groups including another RLC favorite, Kolfe. Many of these groups are working so hard to care for orphans in a desperate situation. This RLC group has had some amazing experiences. You can read a little bit about it on the blog at RLC... 

Tom Davis has been blogging as well so you can check that out.

Brandi is one of our amazing RLC leaders and she went on the Children's Hopechest scouting trip to Uganda! She has done some awesome blog posts on what is going on there as well. Hope you will check it out.

Children's Hopechest needs 10 churches that will commit to having their members support the sites in Ethiopia. Would you please approach your leadership about this opportunity? This is an amazing opportunity to allow your church congregation to minister to orphans as a body and truly make a difference. I believe deeply in Children's Hopechest's holistic orphan care. 

Please write to Daniel at Children's Hopechest with questions about your church sponsoring in Ethiopia. For a intro to the program at Children's Hopechest please click here.

I thank you ALL for you support and love for these children. Hugs! :0) Angel


Darlene said...

Oh, Angel! I just have chills reading about how God is using your humbled heart. He is sooo amazing, that he chooses to use US!! He allows us to see Him at work if we would just watch, listen, obey, then get out of the way. Praise Him, and Bless you, friend!!!!

Wendi said...

Great post...can't wait to see how our church steps up to get on board with sponsoring our own community of orphans through - it's gonna be nothing short of amazing.
For those of you who want to connect for further stories and updates, photos, etc., you can link to us on Facebook - group: Red Letters Campaign or cause: RLC Ethiopia Orphan Care Project

Holly said...

That's great! I think they were supposed to get over to Yezelalem Minch too, so I hope it worked out! That is one fabulous mission!