Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Life as I know it...

As many of you know I have a HIGHLY sophisticated family. ;0) I have so many tips on how to keep life perfect and serene. Thought I should let you in on just a few of them.


My children always eat the healthiest things and we never condone DISGUSTING behavior.


Our children have perfect table manners and would never act unruly in a restaurant.


Our house is always immaculate. The laundry is always folded and put away neatly. Our motto is you always finish ALLLLL the house work before you dance!


Our children present us with top notch entertainment... with talent that can't be matched...


Our family never fights- it's like a love fest around here.


We have trained our children to be very gentle and careful with our fancy household furnishings.


We won't stand for any nasty table manners...


My husband make sure that his interactions with the children are always educational.


We never have to tell our children to be quiet because they are naturally so calm natured.


Ok well.... maybe our family isn't perfect after all. There are sometimes piles of laundry and a messy kitchen while we dance. My kiddos are sometimes unruly and almost always at least a little bit noisy. They aren't famous dancers or ready for American Idol. Chips and candy pretty much make it into the diet weekly and Kaiya sometimes eats her toes. Russ makes our toddler do funny trick for marshmallows and she often looks like a meatball at the dinner table. Not to mention this morning when I walked into her room and her diaper was off with nastiness I won't begin to delve into all over her bed. It's not a perfect picture- we don't have the beaver cleaver thing going on around here. Still when the view in my review mirror is this..... how can I complain?


My days are spent watching miracles happen...

Like a little girl who couldn't sit up alone on a couch 4 months ago running, climbing and sliding at Chik-Fil-A. That's a miracle.

Like a little girl from Guatemala who was afraid of her own shadow asking to do competitive swimming....

Like a 5 year old diva crying because she loves her family so much that she never wants to grow up and leave...

and a husband who says his favorite part of the day was coming home ALMOST every day... and forbids me to worry about making dinner so I can focus on my girls.

I guess some people might think my life is simple and I am missing out on something. In my mind this is everything that matters at all.




Rhonda said...

Awesome post Angel, LOVE it so much and it pretty much probably describes most of us!!!

Claire said...

I dont normally comment here but after seeing those clips of your beautiful family I felt compelled to write a comment. You have summed up what is the most important thing when you have children and made me realise that sometimes I take the momments for granted as before long they will just be distant memories. You can see how much love there is in your family and it doesnt matter if the house is perfect because you have it all right!!! As you can tell I loved those videos and getting the chance to peak into your life. So thank you!

Jenny said...

I love the post, I agree with Rhonda, pretty much describes most of us...I know it does my family. My house is always mess, noisy and chaotic, but we have fun and there is peace. I wouldn't trade it for anything else.

HoustonMamaJenn said...

ahh your going to make me all teary eyes first thing in the mornin?

I love it!! And am right there with ya on that one!

Becca said...

Angel - I love this post. The sound went out on me right when I started the "loud" video, but I can only imagine what your angels sound like. You are truly blessed -I'll write it again - BLESSED -x3!!

Peace and Hugs,

Suzanne said...

What a great post! You do have a wonderful life, and you're not missing out on a thing!

traceylynndel said...


Duct tape keeps diapers on. We had to do that with our three year old with Down Syndrome. She loves to remove her diaper when she is supposed to be sleeping. We started out with just a piece holding the tabs of the diaper till she learned to pull it off. Then we would start the tape in the back and go all the way around. It kept the diaper on. I can't guarantee it will keep the mess in the diaper but it does keep the diaper on the baby. I love reading your blog. Your family is as perfect as one should be.

Amy said...

This looks like my house, and I LOVE it too! We sure are lucky Mama's... I 2nd the duct tape thing.. one of my boys needed to be duct taped before bed so I didn't walk in to a masterpiece on the walls!!! Yuck, I am glad that boy is outta diapers.

Christy said...

Amen to that. Being a "simple" housewife is the biggest blessing. Even thought it is hard what can be sweeter than hanging with those you love most????

Livin' out loud said...

that IS topnotch entertainment for sure!!!!

Holly said...

My little Chinese cowboy (dressed in boots and a cowboy hat at the moment) sat here and watched little laugh and asked me, "what her watchin Mama?" and when he watched her eating spaghetti he asked me "what for dinner mommy?"
And when he saw her at the ocean, he said, "Can I go there with her?"
Too cute?
I told him no, that Kaiya is far away. He asked me why and I said, "because that is where HER family lives. He said, "Oh. I love my fammy. I love YOU Mommy, not my foster Mama."
Yeah- what a miracle. Amazing progress this little guy from China has made in just a year.
What blessings the Lord has entrusted us with!
Thanks for your perspective.

Kelly said...

Say what????? Your normal? LOL

nikki said...

Awesome post!!!!
Life doesn't have to be perfect to be great!!!!

Reba said...

Love this post, it puts into words exactly what I have been thinking recently. I sometimes think of Jon and Kate (Plus 8)'s line on their show..."It may be a crazy life, but it is our life." So very true. Sometimes I just stare at our 4 year old who can talk my ear off though she came home at 2 speaking all of 5 words. Or I look at my 18 month old light up when I walk into the room as he gives me the tightest hugs ever. We are blessed.

Wife to the Rockstar said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this post.

The marshmallow one cracked me up!

Anonymous said...

Hey Angel Face!
I laughed so hard I cried and then I saw truth of a beautiful life ...and I cried...you and yours are a household of treasures. You are indeed Blessed!
I love you
Mia Momma

Mom To Six said...


WOW! What a wonderful post! Your family is perfect. I love how you posted videos to show that. What a great idea.

The girls are precious....all of them!


Kelli said...

Love the post. Your house sounds like my house and your kids my kids. Mu husband loves to come home and find our house in total disarray. He says the messier the better b/c that means the boys had a great day and they played. My motto is why do today what you can put off until tomorrow. Time flies by way too quickly and I don't want to miss time with my boys. Have a great weekend and God bless!!!

Wendy said...

If only our kids would stay little longer. it just all goes by too fast! i always said that I would never look back and regret NOT spending time with them. The chores can wait, the kids won't. God Bless us all with chaos and craziness!!!