Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Is it possible to fall in LOVE with homeschool curriculum??

I have fallen HARD people..... very hard! I am in LOOOOOVE with time4learning.com!! I want to write more about this... you know people in love can't keep their mouths shut... Anyway, this curriculum has made me a VERY happy homeschool momma and I just had to shout it from the rooftops!!! 

I LOVE YOU time4learning.com!!!


Anonymous said...

Have you started home schooling your kids yet? Do they like it? I'm on the verge of taking my 9 year old out of public school and home schooling him. He is struggling in school due to some health problems last year. I'm just worried I'm not smart enough to help him, lol!


Julie said...

How do you think it would work as a starter program for the two new kids when they get here from Ethiopia. I need helping getting them to a basic level of reading in English along with numbers, etc. I'll have to check into it some more when I'm not supposed to be working :-)

Melinda said...

I can't wait to hear more about it from you Angel. I signed up and tried it for a couple days and wasn't loving it so much! Any tips, or maybe you can explain what you loved about it. Maybe I was missing something, which could very well be likely. :) I only tried it with my 6 year old.

Holly said...

Are you homeschooling now? I think I missed that somewhere! Have fun!

Robin @ Heart of Wisdom said...

I use Time4learning math. The boys really do well with it.

We went to a pumpkin patch this weekend.

I posted several free audiobooks for homeschoolers would like at

darci said...

i should have guessed you were a homeschooler! i could tell you were cool. :) yay!

Beth said...

I've never commented on your blog before. I've been lurking for a while - long enough that I don't even remember how I found your blog. I Have been using Time4Learning to homeschool my eight year old for more then a year now and we love it! He has special needs and the Time4Learning system allows him to work at his own pace and redo lessons as many times as he needs to. It has been perfect for him. Here's hoping you have the same success! Beth