Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Surgery Scheduled!

Kaiya's cleft palate is scheduled for next Thursday Sep 11th. Kaiya does not have any trouble eating and has not had any ear infections or problems. She is trying to talk but I still wonder if her palate issues are causing her some issues with speech.

She will have an extensive appointment on Wednesday and as long as she is healthy and they feel that it is the right move for her we will go ahead with the surgery. It is supposed to be a pretty straight forward surgery unless there are issues that they don't know about. Kaiya's cleft does not seem to be terribly bad so I am hoping this will be simple. She will spend Thursday night in the hospital to be monitored. They will release her Friday morning. From what I hear the recovery is not horrible. For one month she has to eat only soft foods. Then we have one follow up appointment and we are home free! If you have had a child go through this surgery I would LOVE for you to tell me your experience.

I am simultaneously dreading it, excited, nervous, relieved, sad.... I am really glad to be getting this done. I think it is perfect timing. I am glad we waited till she is attached and feels safe with us. She will be all healed and ready to go before our Disney trip in November and the holidays. This next 7 weeks is actually the slowest time we have had in awhile. I was hoping to get it done this month but didn't think it was going to happen. Then they just had an appointment open up. I wish she didn't have to do it at all but I am grateful that we have the resources to take care of her.

Anyway... that's the scoop. :0) Angel


Tricia said...

Oh, Angel - thanks for the info!

TONS of prayers for you all next week!


Farrah said...

AWE Kaiya Rain...You will be a big girl and do a great job for mommy right?

Angel you are so awesome!!!

And do I see Disney in November, I need details chick I'm not letting you come within 20 miles of my house this time and not get to meet you!!!

And the new pics on the side,Can i just say A~W~E~S~O~M~E

Amy Clemons said...

Good luck sweet Kaiya. We will pray for you and mommy and daddy. I know this is bittersweet for you, Angel. I'm sure Kaiya will do fine and Zoe and Kaitlyn will be great nurses for their little sister. Best wishes to you all. She is blessed to have such a wonderful family, as you are to have her.

Christina said...

Sending huge prayers your way.

Brandi said...

Oh sweet girl! I can imagine the mixed feelings. .knowing it's good and wanting it over with but knowing that it's also surgery for your baby girl! agh!

Praying for you guys! Love ya,

WashburnWife said...

The Washburn's in Bell Cty. are praying for you. Hope all goes well.

Michelle said...

We'll be praying for a safe and successful surgery!

The Smiths said...


Best of luck with Kaiya's surgery. My little guy Kai (Graham from List 15 at CHI) had this surgery about a year ago. He had been home since the beginning of June that year. Based on our experiences, you're right... it wasn't that bad for us. The first day was awful, but that day was quickly forgotten. Kai was very well bonded to our family and a generally happy little guy, BUT when he woke up from surgery, he wouldn't even make eye contact with me. I was crushed and thought for sure that I had made a huge mistake in our attachment process. A great nurse at the hospital reassured me that she had seen that behavior from kids that had spent their whole lives with their parents, and she was totally right. By the next day, Kai was feeling much better and completely accepting of our love and attention. By the third day he was back to full speed except for the no-no's on his arms.

I'm confident that Kaiya will take this all in stride!

Mary Smith

nikki said...

I will be sending you lots of prayers next week!!!

I'm sure Miss Kaiya will do great!!

jeneflower said...

Prayers for her!

The Engelhardt 4 said...

We will be praying for lots of healing, and a successful surgery.

Amy said...

We'll be praying like crazy for you guys! Love you all! Amy

Darlene said...

Oh, I am sure you must be dreading it. May He give you His peace! We will add Kaiya to our prayers.
Also, love the new family pics in your sidebar. They are great!

Michelle Riggs said...

Praying for you guys on Wed and Thursday.

I will also pray that you will feel at peace and be able to get enough sleep.

I know that this is tough, but I also know that God will carry you through