Sunday, September 28, 2008

One more post on the "Right To Life Bill"

Well- here was my first big moment stepping out on the politics ledge. :0) I was super nervous- I won't lie. I fully expected to get flamed... but guess what... I didn't. I truly appreciate your comments and concerns as well as your kindness to your fellow commenters. It is great to hear people get involved in a valuable discussion in such a respectful way. I know these issues can bring out very strong feelings. I love that I have wonderful blogger buddies and we are able to talk through these issues. I have had only respectful and kind commentary even on such a hot issue. What a testament to the quality of people who read this blog.

My heart is to educate those who may not know what their voting choices may mean for our country. I just want us all to be educated when we fill out our ballets. Soooo....since some of you may prefer CNN to Fox news I thought I would add this overview to make sure we have a well balanced perspective. We all have a LOT to consider this Nov 4th. Happy Voting!

After this post I will temporarily retire from the political field and move on to greener pastures. You never know though- I may be back! LOL! ;0) Angel


Anonymous said...

Interesting. I find it hilarious that the dem. rep. was not sticking to the issue and kept changing the subject and glossing over the information he was giving out so that it was not clear or even correctly stated. He went from saying "I would have to check the record" (which in itself shows he doesn't know what's going on) to saying "the priest said said the testimony was invalid" (when the Christ's hospital rep wasn't a priest nor did he say that)then he started talking about McCain's stand vs Obama's stand on Roe vs. Wade... Wow, that makes me wonder.

GDS said...

Oops, you're way ahead of me. I posted that other comment before paying attention to this one. Good stuff.
Enjoy your time away from political blogging!