Saturday, August 09, 2008

Zoe's version of today's events :0)

Well, despite the initial excitement of this morning we had a great day. We got to hang out with Lauren (who you might remember as Esperanza) and her family in Oklahoma. Lauren and Zoe along with their friend Lidia were best friends in Guatemala. They are all very special friends and our families make an effort to keep that relationship between them. We hung out at Lauren's house for awhile and swam in her pool. Then Lauren packed up to come have a sleep over with us at the hotel. TOO FUN! The girls are all sitting around watching Camp Rock and giggling. I will get more pics loaded tomorrow and get some video of their cuteness tonight. For now- here is Zoe's version of the van lock out incident.


Anonymous said...

AWE Zoe (Morning Star) You are SOOOOOO grown up:)
Love Polkadot

Hannah said...

So cute. I love the way she says Guatemala! Too cute.

Still love your blog!


Hannah said...

I just went back and read the story about Lauren. I am so moved by that post. I have tears running down my face and heart.

I have a ton of respect for you and what you are doing through this blog and your RLC campaign. It embarrasses me that I call myself a Christian and yet do so little.

God Bless.


Reba said...

Please let Zoe know we all do things like this. You just learn from them. When our son was a baby, I went outside to move something...locked myself out of the house with him INSIDE. It is a terrible feeling. After that I was a lot more careful if I went outside for even a minute. :)