Thursday, August 07, 2008

Road Trip Day #1

WE MADE IT!!! Today we drove to the Dallas area to visit Holly and her family. SO MUCH FUN!!! I have been a bit nervous about my first big trip with all three girls. I won't lie. I have to tell you- today was AWESOME! I figured the key to success is preparation, organization and LOTS of prayer. I am not kidding.... mommy had some major prayer going on. LOL! So I will share some of my tips for doing a road trip with 3 little girls. :0) Holly said I MUST tell you that my kids went 5ish hours in the car and we NEVER had to stop even ONCE!!! GET OUTTA HEYAH!! What is up??? Aren't my girls the bomb?? YEAH they are.

Bring LOTS of prepped food so you never have to worry about having something good and nutritious on hand. The key to a happy road trip is EVERYONE having their own little DVD player.... ;0) Well, not mommy since I have to DRIVE!
2 snack baskets- 1 for the back and 1 for the front with individually packed snacks, paper plates and trash sacks

You can only pack a bag you can carry. (except for Kaiya) Outfits are in plastic baggies by the outfit.

Mommy has to have "Ella" - our GPS or I will get hopelessly lost. I am geographically challenged. LOL! We actually found Holly's house thanks to Ella. We had a blast! The girls played and wore themselves out.

Here is my cute little Zoe getting ready for bed time!

Kaitlyn in her PJs!

Now that the kiddos are asleep momma Angel and Holly are ready for a Pina Colada!! YAY for road trips. More fun tomorrow! Angel


Nan said...

That's about a 4 hour drive, right? Yeah, I hear ya on driving with little ones... I'm taking the kids back home to WI next week. That's SEVEN hours in the car alone with a 4 year old and a 10 month old. Pray for me! (It takes 5.5 hours straight, but we need multiple stops.)

Farrah said...

Yeah for you...

I give you a big fat A for your planning...YOU ROCK..

Be safe and have fun!!!! Love Your girls...

Sarah said...

wow .. you rock Angel .. you are SO organized!! LOVE the snack-pack idea .. but tell me, didn't they eat all the snacks by the end of the first hour if they have access to them??
Also .. what is the dvd player you got for Kaiya (or that she got as a present I should say..)? Can it hang up? Have fun with your friend!

Tessa said...

Awesome planning! Very impressive!

I am right there with you with the Pina Coladas ... looks like a lot of fun!

Melinda said...

Wow Angel, I am amazed at your organization skills! You know, I am really beginning to doubt you have actually struggled with adding a third child to your family, because it certainly does not appear to be the case. :)
Hope you have a good time and it sounds like you are off to a great start.

Tara said...

did you get my long comment - the computer went funny on me???

The Engelhardt 4 said... two could be dangerous with those!! heehee be safe and careful!

Wife to the Rockstar said...

Come make a stop at my house!!!! is too far.... but looks like you are having fun!!!