Sunday, August 10, 2008

OKC adoptive family get together

I had such a good time today getting together with some adoptive families in the Oklahoma City area. It's always great to meet some blogger buddies in person and meet new friends. Thanks for coming to hang out with us guys. It was great to meet you even if half my time was spent making sure Kaiya didn't die!!! ;0) What can I say??? The girl is an adorable bundle of trouble. Hugs! Angel

Just hanging out

Getting to know new friends
Sharing snacks

Sami and Zoe

The famous Silas
Kaitlyn has the "I'm so tired cause you let me stay up partying to Camp Rock with the big girls break down." LOL!

Kaitlyn tells the mean paparazzi mommy to get the camera OUT of her face.
Mommy puts Kaitlyn down for a little rest on a beach chair.
Holly and sweet Abby
Abby is tired too
Two cuties and a smudge on my camera from Kaitlyn's grubby little fingers. :0)

Kaiya celebrating a fun day with friends!!! Yay for awesome adoptive families!!!!


darbishar said...

That was a lot of fun! I am really glad I was able to meet you guys. You have a beautiful family.

Nicolette Blizzard

The Engelhardt 4 said...

TOO funny that KK fell asleep at the pool. That girl must have been TIRED! Looks like your having lots of fun!!!