Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Girls Only at the Beach!

So this is the girls only portion of the vacation. Daddy had to take a few days in town to work. (Our vacation condo is very close to where we live) Tomorrow Daddy will come back for another 4 day weekend and then we will go home. We also went back into town for a few hours on Tuesday for Zoe's first day of classes. She goes to a University Model school. That means she goes to classes 2 days a week and does work at home the other days. She has class Tuesday and Thursday. So we ran her into town so she wouldn't miss the first day. Her school moved to a new building this year. It is beautiful but still being finished so everything is kinda crazy and unorganized. That's OK. It'll be worth it when it's done. While she was in class we went to lunch and then grabbed some stuff we needed at Target. FUN! Then it was back to the beach.

Zoe forgot to bring school shoes that match the uniform code to the beach so she borrowed MINE! YES! I have a child that can wear my shoes. INSANE! They were a little big but not bad. My Guatamodel is going to outgrow me any day now.

Here is messy Kaiya after eating lunch- posted just cause she is so cutie patootie!
Today we all did our nails to get all purtyfied.... did a test run on my nails the other day then we all went crazy today!
Aren't we ADORABLE???
Of course we also have our tough side. Check out our crazy tatoo frenzy!
Here are my sweet girls. Kaiya is totally getting this picture thing...
Train up a child in the way they should go... in our house this includes learning to sleep late and smile when you see a camera. LOL!!!

We also went swimming. I just love this floaty I got at Target. It helps Kaitlyn so much and puts her in a better position to practice swimming than a life vest. She is learning to swim but when I need to have some worry free time I have her put it on.
Kaiya is AMAZING! She is fearless in the water. We had this little float suit on her and she was swimming all over with no one holding her.
She LOVED IT! She could literally go all the way across the pool all by herself!! This is particularly fascinating to me because Kaitlyn would NEVER have done this at that age. She is SO CRAZY BRAVE! She cracks me up. I love that about her. :0) Angel


Mindy said...

Your girls are so beautiful! Glad to see you are having such a good time.


Farrah said...

WOW that place is awesome..And Zoe she is beautiful...Tall & Thin, All of you are beautiful! Love the nails and toes...

Glad to see everyone is having a good time...We are trying to teach madisyn to swim and she would never do what Kaiya is doing, She cries the whole time she is in the Said Pool!!! Way to go Kaiya

Angie said...

Oh my gosh those pictures are wonderful! It looks like you all are having such a great time!!!

Darlene said...

First of all, great post. Love the fun pictures. I just felt like I was part of the girl party.
Secondly, love the pics of your 3 beauties. those are treasures!!
Thirdly, I am still sooo jealous of your university model choices!!
And lastly, and I am Sooooo not kidding on this one... you NEED to do a post (or just email me, for Pete's sake!) on HOW you train your children to sleep in late. Serious. Dead serious.

Zoe said...

Looks like a great time. What fun with the girls.

The Engelhardt 4 said...

too cute!!!!