Thursday, August 28, 2008

Funny moments with my girls....

Today I discovered that Kaitlyn-5 yrs old- has some knowledge of french kissing! OH GREAT!

Kaitlyn - I don't EVER want to grow up. I just want to be like 9 forever- yeah that's good.

Me- Why do you want to stay 9?

Kaitlyn- Cause I don't want to be big. I don't want to marry a BOY. They might try to KISS me or stick their tongue in my MOUTH! YUCK! That is DISGUSTING!! EWWWW!!!

Me- (I basically can't stop laughing to even talk at this point. How does she KNOW about that anyway?LOL!)

Kaitlyn- Isn't that SO YUCKY MOMMY? I am so glad that you and Daddy don't kiss THAT way. You kiss Daddy nice. RIGHT MOMMY? RIGHT? Daddy doesn't try to stick his TONGUE in your MOUTH! That is SOOOOO YUCKY! Right mommy?

Me- (Ok.... what do I say here... what does good Mommy SAY??) Well, would that make you happy?

Kaitlyn- YES! It would- cause that is SOOOOO gross. (moves onto next subject)

Me- (Whew- dodged THAT bullet!)

Doing Vocabulary with Zoe today.... Vocabulary with a new English speaker can be quite a challenge. Here's how the conversation goes....

Me- The first word is "master."

Zoe- What does it mean- master?

Me- Let's look it up together... OK... Master- The owner or keeper of an animal.

Zoe- What does it mean- owner?

Me- Well... an owner is someone who owns something. Wait, I mean they take care of something or control something.

Zoe- What does it mean- control?

Me- Well it means you are in charge.

Zoe- OHHHHHH! OK! You are in charge of the animals.

Me- YES! GOOD! It also can mean the owner of a slave.

Zoe- What does a slave mean?

Me- OK.... A slave is someone who has to work for someone when they don't want to work for them.

Zoe- OH OK!

Me- It also means someone who defeats someone else.

Zoe- What does it mean defeat?

Me- (sigh) It means to beat them- like to win at a game.

Zoe- Ahhhhhh...

Me- So now we have to use it in a sentence. What sentence do you think we should write?

Zoe- Ummmmmm..... how about this? "The master can be with the lots of animals."

Me- Hummmm.. well that's not bad. Let's try some more...

At that point we still had 7 MORE to do! AAACKKK!!! Then there is the actual writing it all out and spelling everything correctly. Vocabulary may not be our favorite part of school this year.... I KNOW it's great for her but WOW! Lots of work for mommy! More beach fun to come soon! :0) Angel


Tricia said...

WOWZER, girl - you are dodging some bullets with Miss Kaitlyn!

Aren't you glad you diverted that crises! :)


Holly said...

Lol! I found you through Tricia's blog - I have to admit, I was curious to find out how much 5 year olds know about French kissing these days!

What a great blog with so much heart-felt content!

Natalie C. said...

I am really bummed we missed you yesterday. We HAVE to get together!

The Engelhardt 4 said...

That's TOTALLY insane that she knows about french kissing!! I think you better watch yourself with that girl!!