Wednesday, July 23, 2008

China Pics- Long Overdue

Here are a few pictures I promised to post when we were in Hong Kong. OOPS!!! Lately it takes me months to follow through on some of my promises. Still, they were too sweet not to post. Such special memories... I am so grateful that God gave us this precious gift- Kaiya Rain Zhen. She is such a wonder. :0) Angel


Amy said...

Oh she is a CUTIE! Those pictures were worth the wait!!! :0) Amy

Deb said...


Speaking of months to keep promises- I still have teh squares for Kiaya's 100 wishes quilt. I have them ready to go to the post office first thing Saturday morning.

Love to you,

Anonymous said...

Hey Angel Face
Just beautiful pictures! Gosh..what good memories!
Speaking of squares...I need to get you it too late?
I love you
Mia Momma

elizabeth engelhardt creations said...

too cute! thanks for the catch up!!

Jman's momma said...

Buzz Lightyear - my fav.

Ok so you took her to disney, now I totally don't feel bad about throwing my Jman into church and Christmas within days of being home :)

Your girls are so beautiful. I love reading your adventures and insights. ~anne

Whitney said...

She is just precious!!! Her long ol' legs crack me up!! :)