Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You have GOT to be kidding me!

Kaiya looks like she has been through a war zone. POOR BABY! Let me spell this out for you. I told Russ I just needed a "normal" fun family day. So we took KK to have her postponed family birthday meal at Japaneros. Yes, my five year old wants to go to a Japanese- Latin Grill fusion restaurant for her birthday. What can I say? The girl has good taste. ;0) All went well.

Then we decided to go to Academy. Mommy needs a new cross country machine. My teeny little gazelle finally broke after like 6 years and I won't take Kaiya to the gym yet. It's making me a little nuts not working out at all. Kaitlyn also wanted a kick board so we were going to get that with some birthday money. Then it happened....

Kaiya.... holding Russ' hand.... lets go, lunges forward, hits corner of shelf HARD with her head, blood gushing all over mommy, Kaiya screaming, running to car with all of us, emergency room is one mile away, 3 stitches and glue, upset girls who were little angels the whole time, mommy shaking so bad I almost threw up in the ER, when it was all done Kaiya settled down and smiled at the nurse.

OOHHHHH MY WORD! You have GOT to be kidding me!!! She just got here on FRIDAY! I have never had an injury visit to the ER with either of my girls. ACK! This kid may give me a heart issues. She is SUPER brave and is still WAY TOO wobbly for comfort. We are going to be doing baby crunches to get those core muscles going. I can't have this. Thank you Lord that Russ was there. It was just awful. Yes, I KNOW I am a wimp! I know people do this every day. I DON'T CARE! It was awful and I HATE stuff like that. I am no nurse people. There is a reason.

So our first "normal" family day turned into quite an adventure. Poor Kaitlyn... she said, "Mommy, could we go get that kick board when Kaiya is about 3 or 4? I don't want her to fall again." TOO FUNNY! I was thinking the SAME thing. ;0) She said,"Maybe we should have waited till she was like 3 till we brought her home cause she is going to HURT herself." LOL!!! That girl cracks me up. I assured her that we did NOT need to wait till Kaiya is 3 or 4 to go back to a store. Although I am not so sure myself. AAACKKKK! :0(


Anonymous said...

little tears in my eyes for sweet Kaiya, You Angel Face, Russ, Zoe, Kaitlyn...I am so glad that is past and now for a healing day at home with your where are you going to put the things that have been taken off of your shelf? :)
I love you,

Anonymous said...

Bless her heart! And yours too, Mommy! From watching the videos I can tell she is pretty wobbly for her age but she will grow out of that really fast now that she is home with you! My daughter Rachel had to be in a spica cast because she broke her leg when she was 15 months old (long yucky story). Anyway, when her cast came off she had to learn to walk again. It didn't take her long... So, Kaiya will get her legs going faster before you know it!


Hilary said...

Ooo no...poor Kaiya! And poor Kaiya's mommy! That sounds so scary. Glad she's okay though!

On another note, I have never heard of a Japanese-Latin grill before, but I think I'd definitely like to visit one. :-)

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh. Poor baby and poor you!! Don't be hard on yourself though. Take it as a sign that you are a real family and have jumped into REAL family life with both feet! Looks like you have just gotten yourself a little firecracker! LOL! I sympathise with you. My DD was the "wild" adventurous one and yet NEVER had an ER visit. On the other hand my seemingly docile, mellow son has had several including teeth through his bottom lip from falling off a kitchen chair(lots of blood!), Mardi Gras bead stuck up his nose and a punctured eardrum- he stuck a q-tip in each ear and ran around pretending to be a "martian". I thought he was in his room sleeping at the time! Sooo, anyhoo he seems to have outgrown the "disaster waiting to happen" phase as no ER visits for 3 yrs. Hopefully your little one will get through this stage soon! LOL!


DJ Holly Rock said...

WHOA!!! Angel, I'm so glad that all is well now. Little Kaiya is going to have some story to tell one day.

Also, I can't believe how good Zoe is speaking English. She is amazing.

I love seeing your whole family together, what a beautiful sight.


Live to love and laugh said...

Poor little Kaiya. What a sweetie. We have an accident prone daughter too. After a while (although it still scares you) the ER just becomes your friend. :)
I hope she is feeling all better soon.

Tricia said...

Ohhhh Angel. What a nightmare. Wowzer - what an episode!!!

I hope Kaiya (and mama) are feeling better soon!

kenzsethia said...

That must have been so traumatic for all of you guys! I can't imagine! Maybe a carrier is in order out of the house :)


Stacy said...

What's that expression, a NEW kind of normal??

Kaiya - hope you're feeling better. You're still a beauty.

Kaitlyn - Good taste!

Zoe - Great English! Compound verbs and everything!

Amber said...

Oh my, poor baby. It happens. You must have been terrified to see all that blood.
She will have a story to tell when she's older.

Julie said...

Head injuries are the WORST - so much blood even if it's something small. Maybe this is the worst of it. Let's hope.

Sarah said...

Aww Angel .. poor Kaiya!

My friend adopted her little girl 7 years ago from China. She was a little over one. When she came home she couldn't EVEN walk .. she could barely crawl. Within six months, she was running and riding a little trike. She won't be wobbly for too long! You must feel so badly for her... but she will mend quickly!

Wendi said...

oh my friend...I am so sorry this happened to you (of all people with your pain-phobic queasiness) and so soon after she was home. as one mom who has now been to the ER enough times to count on both hands, it sounds like you handled it like a pro. guess family pics will have to wait - ha! :-) boy do I know about that (and about putting makeup on my boy's facial wounds when rescheduling isn't an option :0)

Jill said...

OMG..bless all your hearts!! The same thing happened to us the first week home from China last year!! I felt SO AWFUL!! Although she is fine, I am still getting over the trauma..haha!

The Morgans said...

OH, I am so sorry you had to go through that! I totally understand...Abigail had an accident like that when she was 18 months and a trip with your baby to the ER is the worse thing ever!! Glad she is OK.

elizabeth engelhardt creations said...

Poor Kaiya! And KK is CRACKING me up! That girl is funny. I bet she grows up to be a comedienne!!

You are one up on us, we haven't been to the ER yet. Sorry for your adventure.

Here's to having a calmer day today!!

Jane-Jane said...

I am so sad for your baby girl, but can't help but laugh out loud at how God is turning your worlds upside down....ya know I'm in that same boat, so I have to laugh at you since I CAN'T laugh at myself, of course!

Love KK's responses. She may have not been to the ER, but you kept her even tho' she couldn't walk yet!

ALSO...I have found that a big back yard type ball for kids works GREAT for small kids to work on core/stability training. You have to help them... set her on it and hold her hands (tight with this one!)move the ball around in small circles, from side to side and back and forth. Also lay her on the ball, stomach and back too....hold her hands, or her feet and roll her back and forth (similar to the Core Ball Training that we adults do.

watch an infomercials if you have not done any ball exercising. It REALLY does help small ones with strength and stability...and then you can say roll to the left, roll to the her words and teaching her many things while having fun!

maybe I should have e-mailed you :)

Farrah and Jed said...

Oh my gosh Angel...You did so well, But yeah I would have been dizzy in the ER..

She will be fine..Get some Merderma for kids for the scaring, and she is still beautiful..

And Zoe speaking great english Great job!!

Nikki said...

AWWW!! Poor baby!

TimandKim said...

So sory to hear of her accident. Hopefully it will heal quickly.
For some balance help, get one of those big balls and have her sit on it. Hold her at the waist and let her bounce and balance herself on it. This helps strengthen her legs and her core balance. My daughter's PT used this with her when she was little. Maybe get one of those bouncy balls with the handles too!

Tessa said...

Oh my goodness gracious! That is crazy! So glad that she is okay and she handled it like a champ. I know God doesn't give you more than you can handle, but I am sure you are saying, "okay, God ... this is really ENOUGH!" This reminds me of when I brought my son home from the hospital and I was feeling really overwhelmed and questioned if life would ever be "normal" again. I feel down the steps with him a few weeks later (everyone was okay) and I immediately had a different perspective ... all of sudden all the other craziness didn't seem so bad. I don't know if I am making sense or if you can relate, but thought I would share! I will be praying for some peaceful days ahead!

Candy said...

STINKIN HEART ATTACK CITY...OH GIRL I would have felt like throwing up too...SO soory your first Family NORMAL day was ended up an ADVENTURE in the ER. BTW I am DYING to get my hands on that CUTIE PATOOTIE REALLY I can't wait until AUG...r u kidding...HUGS

Sarah said...

Oh... poor Kaiya! Similar injury to my Sophie a few weeks ago and she is healing amazingly well! When those stitches come out, use Vitamin E and Mederma religiously!

I am so sorry for that sweet little angel. So sweet to see her big sisters loving her so much though!!!

Mandy said...

Awwww, poor Kaiya! I hope she heals quickly. I am behind on comments but the videos of her dancing and laughing with her sisters make me smile!

Reba said...

Poor Kaiya, poor Mommy! What a traumatic day for everyone! Who knew a kickboard could be so dangerous? I hope that little Miss Kaiya heals quickly...

Lauren said...

What a traumatic event. Good job not throwing up on the way to the hospital:0 I hope that things are calmer for you guys the rest of the week.

Amy said...

oh no! Poor little thing.

She is still cute as a button even with a few stitches on her forehead.

amber said...

Golly gee! Poor baby! I'm so sorry she(and you!) had to go through that. When Jo had to get stitches last year on her lip I thought I was going to pass out! (ME! Who worked on an ambulance for five years! -- things are different when it's your own kid!)

So glad things are going well besides the ER visit. I read back through some of your posts from the last few days -- I loved what you said about having no expectations for what you're feeling and experiencing in this season. That is RIGHT ON.

Lots of love to you guys!!

Anonymous said...

I am finally comfortable posting since I am taking the time to update my blog now. My family has been following along your blog and watching in amazement when you finally got to Kaiya. We were so happy to see such an easy transition. I had my phone near me when I went to sleep the day (night for us) you first met her---I actually woke up in the night to check your blog---woke up my husband, "Angel has Kaiya!" My hubby does not get it, "Does she even know you?"

Anyway----We hope Kaiya's head is better----I am sure it was traumatic at the time---but it will make you stronger; now she knows she can count on all of you as a family unit. And that glue works wonders =-)

I had to thank you since you were an inspiration(without realizing it)to our family. We had no idea about SN China adoption until we followed your blog. We found it when we were considering Guatemala adoption.

We are now half way through our paperchase...and thrilled to announce that we are very close to a referral in SN China adoption!

Enjoy your three girls,
(I hope you will be adding more soon---)
EriN P.