Thursday, June 12, 2008

Video and boring sleep update :0)

We are doing good. Had a slow day yesterday. Kaiya is doing great getting on the new schedule I am working her into slowly. She sleeps in a crib that is converted to a toddler bed pushed up against my side of the bed. Ok- that sounds confusing. :0) Anyway, that's been working great for us. Sometimes she will just reach to touch my arm and then go back to sleep. So precious.

She is still asleep now at 7:30am. YAY! Major victory. I really work hard to make sure I have kids who sleep late. LOL! She even stayed zonked till noon once in China so I KNOW this is possible. Her time clock is off but she is an AWESOME sleeper. HURRAY for another late sleeper. Just another sign it was meant to be. Hee hee...

I did sleep all night so that's great. HOWEVER, I can't seem to stay awake past 7pm. ARGH! I thought last night would be the night. Then 5pm came and I knew I would be doing good to make it till 7. I'll get there. Maybe tonight. Overall it hasn't been too bad. Kaiya is adjusting SOOOO easily as are all of us. She is adorable and funny even with her gashed up forehead. I think this is going to be super awesome once we get recovered.

My buddy Wendi made this little video for us. SO sweet. Thought I would share. I need to get all those clips from you Wendi. None of the video made it to my Flip. :0)


Wendi said...

Yay for sleep! My oldest is finally starting to get the hang of 'sleeping in' and summertime. This week she has topped out most mornings around 8:30am!!! So cool!

You can absolutely have all the clips - bummer about your Flip (I guess that was your mom's I kept seeing floating around.) There are some even cuter ones that, I didn't use, so you can make your own unique little package :-)

Tessa said...

Okay, I am tearing up ... so precious how Russ is just waiting and watching and then you hand Kaiya to him ... just like he was saying "I will wait until I can have her all to myself!" Loved it!

Darlene said...

Angel....You have got to tell me how you teach your kids to sleep in late!!!!!!!!!
Must know!

Your family is as cute as ever!
Thanks for the updates.

Anonymous said...

Hey Angel Face,
Oh My to see this from someone elses eyes...what a blessing for Wendi to do this! I love it...and touched me deeply! I know that bek took flip too...I will look at mine...but don't think i had it.
Love Momma

Anonymous said...

Oh and about sleep...I am sleeping but can't during the night...have been up eating chilie and rice at 4 am...yea for RICE! :)...called dr today and nurse suggested that I try Tylenol hopefully I will sleep tonight....hugs and loves
Mia Momma

Anonymous said...

Hey, Angel, can you please update us on how Zoe is doing? I've been praying harder for her since your post of her having a hard time. Gosh, so much for a little heart to go thru.....

Billie said...

ok..we are much alike past our passion for adoption! i too believe in late sleepers and we have trained our kids to do so! i too am hoping that our lil' china miss will be able to sleep until 8am!!

i've really enjoyed reading what you've been going through. the jet lag thing I'm dreading, but i've been through 3 i'm feeling self motivated!

thanks again for all of your info!