Friday, June 27, 2008

Kaiya's New Sign

OK! Well it's not brand new. She did the sign for hungry 2 times in China but hasn't done it since. Suddenly today she started telling us when she wanted to eat. Smart little booger. She has been home 3 weeks today. Love this kiddo. I just adore how proud she looks when she does something new. Check out her little celebration dance. It's like a little boxing move- she weaves side to side. She does it every time she gets excited. It tickles me to pieces. I also just can't stand myself when she gets that cute little dimple up by her nose. It's hilarious. I have never seen a dimple there before and it is ridiculously cute. OK... I know you can't tell I like her. I will try to be more honest. LOL!! ;0) Angel


nikki said...

I can't believe she's been home 3 weeks already!!!!
What a cute video!!!!

Brandi said...

Love the wiggle! too cute!

Hey, I FINALLY did my first 3 chapters of Dangerous Surrender and my first chapter post on "The Are of Listening Prayer" tonight. . it's going to be a book club weekend for me as I'm so behind on writing these posts!

Oh yeah. . and I think we should either have specific labels to pick it up and feature each blogger who participates or even a book club badge to link book posts on the amazing books to the RLC site! Waddya think?

Love you,

Reba said...

Is that the sign for hungry? I really need to teach Joshua. he just pushes his high chair over to me, no matter where I am. :) I am amazed at how well Kaiya eats on her own. Gives me hope. She is just precious, Angel...she is obviously a happy and loved little girl!

Nikki said...

She is so cute! I love how she bounces when she's excited- so sweet.

Anonymous said...

The hungry sign is actually rubbing your tummy but that sign works too! Whatever it takes to be able to communicate right? She is too cute! I too love that little move she does!

Anonymous said...

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