Monday, June 02, 2008

Introducing BLOG BUZZ for RLC

See below this post for new updates on Kaiya Rain Zhen! :0)

Hey everybody! We've been crazy busy at Red Letters Campaign (well, o.k. not me 'cause you know I'm in China with my girl) doing a bunch of cool stuff working on RLC stuff and you're going to see a bunch of newness by the end of this month for our full launch. I wanted to invite you to be a part of something new that we're rolling out now though - called Blog Buzz! My buddy Brandi is rolling it out for us and she's written what its about on the RLC blog. I've posted what she wrote here.

Intro - RLC Blog Buzz:
Within blogging, there a couple of fun trends. One is the Group Writing Project. Have you guys seen this? Basically, everyone signs up to write about a particular topic. In doing this, you get a chance to write about something you enjoy AND get a chance to read what others write too. The other trend is a Meme or Blog tag of some kind. In this game, someone asks questions and others have to answer them. . often revealing fun information.

Well, RLC decided to get on this bandwagon! So, welcome to (drumroll please. . .) BLOG BUZZ . . catchy, huh?! Here’s how it works, each week we will post 3 new blog buzz questions. One General Adoption question, one Specific Adoption question (country or situational) and one Red Letter Issues question. All you have to do is PICK ONE and BLOG about it! Just make sure that you add our super cool
Blog Buzz Badge. This way, our system will (somehow. .not really sure how the heck this works) catch every post with this badge and feed it to our site. Then, you can check back and read what other RLCers (yeah, it’s a new word) had to say about this very issue! We’ll also be using a lot of these answers to help compile our informational sections of RLC. For instance, with this first week’s question being about questions to ask a prospective adoption agency, we’ll compile the answers and use these posts to help future adoptive parents at our Adoption 411 page! This way we can help learn, connect and experience what God has to say about the poor, the widows, orphans and lonely in our world!

Ready for week 1?
1. General Adoption - (find the badge
HERE and check HERE for answers to this question)
When choosing an adoption agency, what questions should you ask?

2. Specific Adoption - Ethiopia (find the badge HERE and check HERE for answers to this question)
Why did you decide to adopt from Ethiopia? What are the pros and cons of adopting from this county?

3. Red Letter Issues - (find the badge HERE and check HERE for answers to this question)
Creative writing~ put yourself in the place of a person who lives in extreme poverty. Write your feelings, fears and daily life struggles.

Happy writing. . .Can’t wait to read all of your thoughts! You can even do multiple posts for Blog Buzz if you want, just do each question as a separate post and remember to post the correct
Blog Buzz Badge so they can be “fed” to us. Remember to check back to see your post and read lots of other awesome Blog Buzz answers!

Can’t wait to read. .

PS: We’d love for you to help SPREAD THE WORD! Help others know about and participate in Blog Buzz, by either linking to these instructions or adding them to the top of your post! We’d love to see TONS of bloggers participate each week! In fact, if you have ideas for Blog Buzz questions that you’d love to see others answer, email me at

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Erica said...

I'm working on mine and have been, its taking me a bit. ;) I'm excited about this new roll out!! Praying for you and sweet K in China!! She's one pretty girlie!