Monday, June 16, 2008


I am blogging for Blog Buzz at RLC!
We want you to blog for us too. You know something that you can share with someone. You know something that will HELP someone else. It's easy and fun. You can choose to answer just one question or all three. You can participate one week or every week. It's up to you. My answers for this week are posted below.
Your answers will become content for our website and help thousands of people. Remember when you were looking for an agency, thinking about how to answer a question about poverty your child asked, wondering what it was like to adopt from a certain country or a child with a certain special need??? REMEMBER???
THAT is what Blog Buzz is all about. There are people out there with the answers to all these questions. They just aren't all in one place yet. So you can help us do that. Soon there will be one site where people can go to find help for so many things. You can be a part of that.

To see what Blog Buzz response pages will look like when we are done go here
Why did you choose to adopt from Ethiopia?
How did you choose your adoption agency?
To learn how to do Blog Buzz just go here
To see this week's questions go here

Every Wednesday there will be new questions. You can always find them at in the RLC blog.

I really hope you will be a part of RLC blog buzz. It's not too late to post for this week. If you want to spread the word about this would you consider posting about Blog Buzz on your blog? Feel free to copy this post if you would like. :0) Happy Blog Buzzing!!!! Angel

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