Thursday, May 15, 2008

Questions! Questions! Questions!

Lately Kaitlyn has SO MANY QUESTIONS! Some make me laugh so hard! Some are TOUGH. I honestly sometimes don't even know how to answer them. Here are a few... Is it HARD to make the whole world? Why are there spider webs everywhere? Why do spiders eat bugs- can't they just eat soup or something? If food didn't grow on the ground would we not have food? Why do some people not have food? Why don't people share their food? In heaven are there people who don't have families? What happens if I am never dead? Does God pray to himself?

The list of questions goes on and on. She is so funny. I wish I could remember them all.

I tried to get her to share a few of her questions with you...I promise we did try to answer them all. LOL! :0) Enjoy..



The Engelhardt 4 said...

It could be VERY dangerous to get Perryn and Kaitlyn they both in a questioning mood. Perryn wants to know if her toys would be in heaven!! I must say some of Perryn's heaven questions stump me, and then she gets mad at me for not being able to answer her....Oh to be 4!!

Christina said...

She is precious. Aiden isn't quite to the question stage yet but I do remember one of my girls asking people if they had a door and a bed in their house...they asked strangers that...LOL.

Melinda said...

So cute! Don't you wonder what actually goes on in the mind of a child? I wonder how long she actually thought about those before she asked.

Natalie C. said...

How cute!

amber said...

Oh my!!!

We are so headed toward the questioning phase with Jo. It is beginning... AAaaaahhh!!!! :) Up until this point I have been able to answer mostly everything -- but this post gave me a taste of what's to come. Am I READY????


Love ya,

P.S. Joanna watched the video with me and was ENTHRALLED. Kaitlyn is now her little role-model... :)

Live to love and laugh said...

She has got to be the cutest little blondie!! I love all the questions. I know there are days when you think she has asked 100 too many but on this side of the aisle it sure looks good. Cindi

Tracey said...

Such a cutie! And so full of wisdom:) I wouldn't even think of those questions she is asking...

Michelle Riggs said...

Very cute! We loved the questions.

For the record, my DH said that yes, God does pray to God. When Jesus prayed to God, it was God praying to God. :-)