Monday, May 26, 2008

Meet Kaiya

She is beyond wonderful! I am in love with this delicate little lady bug. I have so many words but I will save those for later. I don't want to make you wait. Without further ado Kaiya Rain Zhen...


Lynn said...


That is so awesome...i watched all the videos. She is so sweet. I love how she went right for her new book. So happy for all of you!

Rebel said...

Your blog hit counter went up hundreds with me checking every few minutes to see you and your girl!

She is beautiful... and really teeny tiny and tall!

I am hoping and praying that her transition is smooth!

So happy for you! Rebel

Jag är jag said...

Congratulations, Angel!

Jacques & Tara said...

WAAAAHHHHH....I'm so happy for you! As for her personality - it doesn't appear that she is too scared/shy of you. Is she? Enjoy your little lady bug (oh and send some kisses & hugs from NB, Canada)!!!

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! I saw God today, Angel. I saw God. Don't get me wrong, I see Him everyday. It's just today.....He made a grand entrance in China......Praise Him for this amazing dance! Congratulations. We just brought our daughter home from Guatemala and I am reliving those emotions of 'Gotcha Day' whilst reading this. Wow. Thank you, God for adoption.


Laura said...

Angel - She is BEAUTIFUL! She looks just perfect in your arms! Thanks for letting us be witness to a miracle!

Karrie said...

Angel she is wonderful! You look absolutely thrilled to finally have your sweet girl. What a precious little face she has. I just want to smooch her! I hope she does well over the next couple of days. She will surely feel your love from her head down to her little toes!
Karrie in IN

Michelle said...

Congratulations !Loved seeing all the pics and videos of you and Kaiya. She is just beautiful ! Can't wait to follow the rest of your journey.

The Hannas

Sharon said...

Kaiya is just beautiful! We are praying for a smooth transition and lots of grins and giggles.

Congratulations, Mama!!! :)


Meridith said...

Glory!!! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
Congrats! You are the mom of 3 now...

Heather from WV

Shannon said...

My heart is just full seeing you with Kaiya. So sweet also to see you all getting aquainted via Skype. We did that too on our pickup trip. She is a doll. She now has a wonderful family to get to know. I am looking forward to your upcoming posts and seeing all 3 of your girls together at last. Praying for this transition for Kaiya.

Shannon (Emeline's Mommy)

DJ Holly Rock said...

ANGEL!!! She is soooo beautiful!!! I love the picture of her with her little foot resting up on the table after they took her print.

I am so happy for you!!! Looks like you have a tall and lean(and beautiful) one just like me:)


Sarah said...

Oh my God, Angel .. I'm just crying here..

She is precious .. what a huge huge moment in time you are sharing with us.

You are SO lucky to have Kaiya .. and she is SO lucky to have such a wonderful mommy, grandmother and family to welcome her!

All the best for the rest of your trip and cannot wait to follow your journey with Kaiya!

melissa said...

Congratulations!!!! I know you are over the moon right now. Enjoy every moment!

Tricia said...


I HAVE BEEN STALKING for THESE pictures & videos!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my word - AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

God hand-picked her for you & Russ and the girls and we REJOICE with you during this special time!!!

ENJOY & SAVOR every sec of it!


The Engelhardt 4 said...

She's beautiful!!!

Kim said...

That is pure joy on your face!!! I'm so excited to see these pictures and video!! I hope your first day went well!!!

Alice said...

She is just beautiful. So glad she is in your arms now. Thank you for letting us peek in on your wonderful day!

Farrah and Jed said...

OMG, Angel how amazing...Thank you MOM for all the video's that was awesome!!!

She isn't shy a bit from you, Did she even cry?? That is awesome.. What a sweet little girl

And much smaller without all the clothes, she is so tall though like Zoe....HOW A~D~O~R~A~B~L~E

Nikki said...

Oh, Angel- she is precious!! I was able to control myself until the webcam video :) She is so tall and thin- you've got another Zoe on your hands :) I didn't want this post to end!! She is adorable and so sweet! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Anonymous said...

What a match! were so meant to be Kaiya's mommy.

She looks even more beautiful than any other photos before...she has such delicate bone structure...And those eyes; a good soul.

Enjoy every moment,
Erin in FL

Brandi said...

ANGEL!!! oh my dear. . I can't believe it. I'm definitely sitting here crying! I LOVE that you have so much video of your gotcha day! I definitely cried watching her meet her daddy and sisters via computer! Oh thank you Jesus for the FLIP and SkYPE! Yeah! Hurry and come to FL! Praising Jesus with you. . she is adorable and so tiny! What a little cutie pie. I loved her pink outfit that you changed her into. . oh I love her already!

Love you,

ManyBlessings said...

Awww Angel,
She's so beautiful! I'm so glad to see you together! :)

chitwood said...

She is absolutely precious and tiny and I am so happy for you. God truly has hand picked her for your family and what a wonderful blessing that is.

I went to sleep last night thinking of you meeting her for the first time and it was the first thought I had when I woke up this morning. What a wonderful way to start the day seeing the pictures and videos.

I am so very very happy for you all.


Anonymous said...

SOOOOOOOOOOO excited for you guys!!! I cried!!! She is too cute! So glad that you got your moment!

Anonymous said...

SOOOOOOOOOOO excited for you guys!!! I cried!!! She is too cute! So glad that you got your moment!

The Engelhardt 4 said...

So I JUST got a chance to watch the videos, I am crying like a baby. I am so happy and excited for you guys. Thank you so much for letting us be part of your journey. Blessings!!

The Engelhardt 4 said...

So I JUST got a chance to watch the videos, I am crying like a baby. I am so happy and excited for you guys. Thank you so much for letting us be part of your journey. Blessings!!

Riky said...

I have been waiting and waiting for you to get your little one!! She is just so cute!!! Thanks so much for all the pictures, this is just wonderful to see!!!


Paul and DeeDee said...

Oh my she is so beautiful!! I am so happy for you guys! Praise God:) what a cutie!

amber said...

Oh, Angel... I am in tears after this post. I am absolutely in love with your little lady bug, too.
THANK YOU GOD for uniting this little girl to her forever family!!!!!!!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you are able to post so many pictures and videos! Yay! Makes me feel like I am right there!!! :)

Lots of love and rejoicing!!!!!!!!!!!

Tessa said...

So happy for you! After seeing the pics quickly this morning, I have been thinking about you ALL day. She is such a cutie! How awesome! Can't wait to see more!

Anonymous said...

Angel, I am soooooo happy for you! You are so lucky to have this little girl! You have such a beautiful family and a beautiful heart. Thank you for sharing with us.
Debbie (Skylie's Onnie)

Heidi said...

Angel, I just viewed your videos and pictures. They are SO SO precious. I am so happy for you and your family. I can't wait to travel myself! Congratulations, she is such a doll. Take care, Heidi

Anonymous said...

I just cried looking at your pictures. My heart is full of what a great God we have and just knowing that this is true religion.... Wow. I'm overwhelmed with joy for you and your family! Welcome home, Kaiya! Enjoy that sweet baby girl!!!!

Sarah said...

Wow! What an amazing day, Angel! Kaiya is just so sweet and fits perfectly in her mommy's arms! You and your mom captured some amazing video for her someday. Congratulations on having your beautiful baby girl in your arms forever!

TNKerry said...

Kaiya is precious and those videos are priceless!!!! Each one brought tears to my eyes.

kenzsethia said...

Angel -

You guys are beautiful together. Thanks for all the great pictures! She is just adorable!

Wendi said...

what an amazing gift you are holding in your arms - she just fits perfectly. crying tears of joy for the new addition to your family...she is one lucky little princess!

Madeline and I spent half an hour yesterday looking at all the pictures and videos so far (so glad you have friends across the world to write comments and let you know you're being 'heard' since I can't seem to find which way is up lately :-) I spent all day Sunday telling Sam, "Angel meets Kaiya tomorrow!!!" Then all day Monday, a holiday here, I kept thinking it was Sunday...and why did I think you were a day behind instead of ahead??? who knows? Regardless, M had some funny things to say...I'll add them to the next post.