Saturday, May 31, 2008

Kaiya's First Plane Flight


Meridith said...

I am headed to bed and thought that I would just check your blog one last time. Yippee! More Kaiya! Mimi Cate will be so excited when she gets up in the morning! Have a delightful day with your girl.

Reba said...

Angel, I have enjoyed reading your updates and seeing pictures. I haven't posted much (I was in the last week of school) but I have thought about you often! I love seeing your little ladybug. She just has a wonderful sense of humor, I can tell. I am so ready for you to be home so I can see some family pictures...everyone together!

Ellie said...

Hi Angel,

Love the videos! I feel personally responsible for the fact that Kaiya's clothes are being held up by a toy link, heehee! sorry about the miscalculation in your little ladybugs size :)

Enjoy Guangzhou - I loved it there and miss it!


ps Tia nodded her head yes when I asked if she remembered Kaiya.I wonder if she does?!

elizabeth engelhardt creations said...

Holy moly, she is cute! I can't wait to see how she reacts to her big sisters!!

Brandi said...

ok, her reaching up to you to be held. . about melted my heart! What a wonderful sight to see!!

Love it!