Monday, May 26, 2008

Kaiya's First Day

I just wrote Russ with an update about his lady bug princess. I thought you might enjoy it as well so here is part of it.

I am going to go to bed early. I am SOOO tired. You are going to be SO IN LOVE with this little pumpkin. I know I AM!!! She is SOOOOOO cute. She has been giving me smooches and hugs and then she smiles so big. She walks like a teeny little penguin all over the room. It is ADORABLE! She took her first bath. She loved it. She splashed and played. She looks so cute with her hair all soft and shiny. She actually is wearing 18 month clothes but I think she can do 24 months. 18 month fits her better but the way she ate tonight she will grow fast. She is so teeny and long. She has already started to respond to her name. Earlier she walked up and shook my hand. It CRACKED me up. She is WONDERFUL! I am so crazy for her already. She has just stolen my heart away. Well now I have written a blog post so I guess I better post this and share the love. :0)

More to come. Kaiya Rain is nothing short of WONDERFUL! I love her so much.

This is Kaiya laughing


Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!! Wonderful!!! Spectacular!!! I am speechless and tearful!
Blessings~ steph

Nikki said...

Awww, I love seeing her smile!!

Anonymous said...

She is so precious! She looks long and very lean... I am sure she will plump up now that she is with her new mommy! I am so excited for you! I have been checking your blog several times a day for updates! Thanks for letting me share in this beautiful experience!

Danielle Hudspeth King

Pattie & Rob said...

I'm so happy for you!! She is sooo beautiful. I can't wait to read about the rest of your journey. I pray you have a safe journey home. What an amazing Mama you are!!!

The Engelhardt 4 said...

She is just too stinkin cute, Angel. I am so happy for you!!

Preiss said...

Kaiya is adorable! Thanks for sharing your journey to her with us.

Jane said...

She's adorable! Hope you are all sleeping peacefully right now. Can't wait to see the pics of all 3 of your girls together at home soon!

Natalie C. said...

She is so incredibly cute! I am SOOOOO happy for you!

Farrah and Jed said...

She is a doll, I can't wait to meet her in October!

I'm so glad the transition is going well....she looks very happy already!!!

I'm so happy for you, When will you come home...I have to go back in look at your travel plans.

Melinda said...

Angel, she is just so beautiful! Looks like she is slowly getting used to her new mom and surroundings. I loved the video's you posted below. It is so amazing how God planned for this wondeful thing called adoption to grow families. It is so amazing to see with your family. How Awesome!!!

Hilary said...

Angel, I read your blog every day but don't comment nearly often enough. I just had to write today to tell you how much I LOVE the pics. Seeing Kaiya laughing just made my whole day! I am so happy for you, for Kaiya, and for your whole family.

I've gotta tell you, I learn SO MUCH from your blog. I'm planning a career in child life, and I'm a voracious reader of anything even remotely related to child development - so your adoption experience has been a huge eye-opener for me and has taught me a lot. Plus, I do philanthropic work and always enjoy hearing about others' experiences with non-profit work, so I'm excited to hear more about RLC.

Anyway, sorry for the novel, but know that there's one more person out there praying for your family and congratulating you on your new addition. Enjoy your baby girl and the rest of your time in China!

Love, Hilary

Scott and Carolyn said...

Oh Angel, I am in tears! What beautiful pictures and videos! I am so happy for your family! She looks like a doll!!!! Precious, precious!!! :)

Holly said...

I am so in awe of God! Kaiya is PERFECT and I know already that she has been ordained for your family and God is even know grafting her into the fabric of your family unit!
I am just filled with JOY for you!
Enjoy the rest of the journey- it will just be icing on the cake compared to the moment Kaiya become YOURS. Soon you will be posting pictures of ALL your girls together at last!
What a faithful God we serve!
With love from the States,
Holly from Purpose Driven family

Anonymous said...

Well, there goes my make-up. And I just put it on.

She's beautiful! I know Rusty and the girls are just as excited!

I can't wait to meet her :)

So much love to all!

Liz said...

Congratulations Angel. How exciting for your family to grow in such a wonderful way. Hugs, Liz

Alice said...

Her smile priceless.
Your face while looking at her even more priceless.

I am so glad Kaiya has a loving forever family.

Thanks for sharing her with us.

Brandi said...

Yeah! I love her little smiling face! Keep those updates coming!


The Morgans said...

I have been excited all day to have a chance to sit down and see Kaiya. She is beautiful and I LOVE the videos. I could not stop the tears from falling after seeing the little girl that God had chosen for YOU finally be in your arms. We are praying for your safe trip home.

Tessa said...

Love the picture of her laughing! LOVE IT! You can see her personality coming out more and more as she spends time with you ... so cool! She is adorable!

Shelly Smith (UMHB '99) said...

Kaiya is absolutely beautiful and such a sweet heart. Her smile melts my heart. You are such a wonderful mom with a warm, caring, and loving heart. Kaiya is such an incredible addition to your awesome family. Thank you for sharing your amazing journey. I'm absolutely in tears (of course because of such a joyful time!)

Amy said...

She is a beauty! She has such a great smile! The last picture is of you and her is very sweet!

Yah! Kaiya is with you!!!!

julie said...


I came to check your blog out today. What a precious girl you have there. The first time you lay eyes on your children is just amazing, isn't it? I love your pics and video.......touched my heart. I will be back to read about your journey!


julie said...

oh yeah.......CONGRATULATIONS!

julie said...

oh yeah.......CONGRATULATIONS!

Amy said...

She is beautiful and I love the joy on your face! May the be a precious time of bonding for you and Kaiya.

Thank you Lord for the blessing of Kaiya!

Sara said...

I am so happy for you...I can see the joy on your face. Kaiya is beautiful and looks so happy. congrats!

Angie said...

Thank you for sharing in this awesome journey you are on. Kaiya looks like she is doing great! You make it all seem so easy! You are sure making the want I have to adopt again even stronger! I'm glad to hear things are going good and can't wait to follow along the rest of your trip!

Dimples and Stars Race Cars and Guitars said...

OK GIRL...YOU LOOK SO HAPPY...REALLY GLOWING in ALL THE PICTURES..SHE IS SO STINKIN CUTE and looks so HAPPY with you...I am so SUPER EXCITED for you and LOVE the FAITH you have and where it has TAKEN YOU....MISS YA and HUGS

Heidi said...

Hi Angel,

I just love your blog. Your all look so happy. Your little Kaiya is so precious. I hope you have a wonderful time in China. Congratulations! Take care, Heidi (from CHI board)

Holly said...

How precious are these photos?! :D It must feel wonderful to have her in your arms at last.

Erica said...

She's beautiful Angel!! Her smile is adorable!

Ryan and Heather said...

I just got all caught up on your gotcha day and traveling to China. I'm so thrilled for you! She is a beautiful baby girl. I can't wait to see your entire family together at last. What a blessing.

melissa said...

Kaiya is adorable. I love the pics of her smiling!

The love you have for your daughter is absolutely shining through in these photos and blog posts. Congrats on having your baby girl in your arms!!

Wendi said...

How dress her like a little girl and she sparkles! Her red 'uniform' did not do her justice at all - so dainty!!! Well, Madeline and I spent quite a bit of time yesterday looking at all the pictures & videos. I even had to go way back and show her the pictures of Kaiya's room and wardrobe, as she just wasn't satisfied with the first page :-). Her comments were making me laugh and smile so much that I finally had to give her control of the mouse so I could write them down for you. Here are a few:
"She's so cute!"
"I wish I was with Miss Angel with Kaiya."
"There are a bunch of them [pictures]. I want to make sure I see every one."
"I like that pretty dress, don't you? It's so pretty!"
"I like all of her clothes; they look pretty neat and pretty fancy!"
"Huh, I see some of her jammies!"
"Hey look, there's more there's more words than pictures...(getting more disappointed)...there are hundreds of words...and that's just a grey picture..."
Well, you can't please everyone all the time...hope I made you smile...not that you're lacking in that department. Enjoy the rest of your trip! See you in June!