Thursday, May 22, 2008

I am in CHINA!!

Hey everyone! We are HERE! We just arrived in Beijing a couple of hours ago. Now we are settling into the apartment and resting. It was a great flight. LOOOONG but not bad at all. Ok soooooo my computer is being crazy. Angela- our guide- has wireless at the apartment so that is nice. However, my computer won't pick up the signal. It says my settings are wrong. Say what? Anyway, I am ZONKED and I am not sure I am even making sense. WE ARE HERE!

Tomorrow we are going to see the Great Wall! We are also going to see an acrobatics show. SO FUN! I will try to upload some pictures soon. Right now I have got to go rest for a few minutes! Just wanted to give you an update. Hugs! Angel


Wendi said...

Yay You! I thought you might have posted...why am I up so early? Pregnancy insomnia!!! :-) Anyway, glad you've landed safely and are On Line...can't wait to hear more. Enjoy your day!

Nikki said...

Cool! I hope your computer fixes itself up soon :) Can't wait to hear about the Great Wall!

The Engelhardt 4 said...

hooray!! have tons of fun!!!

Farrah and Jed said...

Yeah, You are there.... Have a blast!!
I'm sure you have heard by now about Steven Curtis Chapmans 5 year old daughter...She was killed last night when she was hit by the family vehicle in there drive way!

So So Sad....

Any way we can't wait to see little miss Kaiya in your arms, Remind us when you get her???

HUGS TO you Angel

Alicia said...

Hey Angel, I'm praying for your precious family. Have a great trip....duh!! :)


nikki said...

Thanks for the update.
Oh the Great wall you have to post pictures!!!

Amy said...

SO HAPPY to hear you are there safe and sound! Praying like crazy for you guys!Just so you know (no pressure and all) I'll be stalking your blog for pictures! LOL HAVE FUN! Amy

Dimple Queen said...

OK...I am SO excited for you, but I am glad to hear you say you HAD to get some rest. You sounded crazy tired!

Have fun at the wall and I hope your computer gets straightened out!

allums family said...

So glad you made it safely!! I can't imagine flying that far!

I am so excited for you!!!!
Get some much needed rest!!

Melinda said...

So happy you are there. We will continue to pray for your time there and can't wait to see your post on meeting Kaiya. Have fun touring and shopping!

Holly said...

We love Angela. She let us use her own laptop when we had issues temporarily!
We were there before the little dog moved in! Enjoy the sites of your daughter's birth country!!
I'm so truly happy for you. God is good. Even in times of mourning, there is rejoicing going on. I'm sure you know about the Chapman's loss even in China. God is working everything out for good and for His glory- in suffering and in pleasant times, we can experience HIS joy! Praying for your GOTCHA moment to come.
Holly from Purpose Driven Family