Sunday, May 25, 2008


I will be leaving the hotel to meet Kaiya at 9am China time. That is 8pm Texas time. I will be back in the room at approximately 11am China time- 10pm Texas time. We will immediately do web cam Skype with Daddy and the girls. Then Skype with a couple of other family members. As soon as all that calms down I will blog our meeting with her!!! WOW!!! It's really here. This is wild and wonderful. I better try to get some sleep. I am a mommy of three tomorrow. WOOOHOOOO! It's almost Kaiya time. :0) Angel


Meridith said...

I will definitely be checking in during the night to see your little one with her new mommy!

Leah Reeves said...

I just found your blog and what a great time to find it. I hope you have a wonderful time picking up your daughter. I will keep reading.

We have a LID of 11.27.06. We just picked up our first daughter from Ethiopia. We are now awaiting our second from China.

Holly said...

Angel!!!!!!!!!!This is it!!!!!!
I heard you met Kelly Rumbaugh in the Beijing airport. She is one amazing woman with a heart after God! A lot like YOU!!
Praises and rejoicing for what is about to come!
God's plans are beyond amazing- always.
Holly from Purpose Driven Family

Holly said...

Not too long now!!!! Grinning like crazy for you! :D

Farrah and Jed said...

What does that make it 6 or 7pm Florida time...HUM..I can see a picture of you and kaiya in my future...

OMG it is almost time!!!! WOW i can't wait

Yes guys I'm NUTS but I love me some Angel and Family!!!

JuJu - said...

OK - I feel like I am there with you - you are blogging this so well:)
I looked on Google reader and saw FOUR entries and I started crying - crying tears of joy remembering the feeling of knowing I was getting ready to meet MY BABY!!!!! I just knew one of the entries was you and Kaiya:)

Thanks for blogging each step for all of us:)

I am soooooooooooo emotional and excited for you - you mean so much to me little sister:) I love you and your family like you are my own! You hug that Polka Dot for me and you huge each other for me!
You are a great Momma and that is one blessed little girl to become a part of of one of my favorite familes on earth!

Love you and I am praying that you and Kaiya have a supernatural - God embraced meeting and that the bond you have will be incredible and peaceful and QUICKLY strong!

CAn you feel the hug I just sent ya????????
I was on the beach earlier talking about you guys and telling people where you are!!!
Your story is going around the world my friend!

Love and hugs and can't wait to see that precious gift from God in YOUR arms!

You ROCK!!!!!!!


Jane said...

Oh we're so excited for you! Just a few more hours now. Bet you are NOT sleeping right now! Can't wait to see some pics tomorrow.
Jane and Cara

Nikki said...

Eeek- that is so exciting! I don't know what Texas time is compared to Ontario time, but I will check tonight before bed, and then in the morning if I am too early. I can't WAIT to read all about it and see her pretty face!!

Nikki said...
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Nikki said...

Okay, so I had to google it. We are one hour ahead of you. Guess if I am not up at midnight, I will have to wait until the morning to read about it!!!

Sharon said...

It's 9pm here in SC! It's Kaiya time in China! Can not wait to hear all about this sweet blessing you are about to hold! :)