Sunday, May 25, 2008

Beijing In Pictures (and video)

PS Will you guys let me know in the comments if all the videos work? I can't see them cause of the firewall but I think they are working. :0) Hugs, Angel


Farrah and Jed said...

The video's are working perfect, What great pictures and video's!!
What a life time experiance this is. And all I keep thinking of is One more day and you will have Kaiya with you!! HOW AWESOME

Anonymous said...

The videos are working.

Hope you are having a blast!:)

Brandi said...

Working great. . cool pics!


Anonymous said...

the 2nd video works but not the 1st and 3rd or 4th.

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful Angel. And she sounds like so much fun. A joy to see you have some instant connections. Congrats to you, Russ, KK and Zoe and extended family on your new addition.

I'm having trouble with the videos and don't normally. I want to see them though and am going to the library later and will see how it works from there. We had something else not work with our computer like it normally does so it may just be our provider giving us problems right now if everyone else is seeing it.