Saturday, May 03, 2008

Almost time for the big reveal!

Well, I know you all want to poke and pinch me a little for making you wait for the big surprise till Monday but I promise we are going as fast as we can. Just a few more little things to finish and then we can pass it on to our partners- YOU! ;0) So while you wait I thought I would share the heart of why we are doing this whole thing. The reason we are doing this is because we have a heart to KNOW Jesus and he has made it QUITE clear where he is... Thanks for sharing this Tessa.

I say I TRULY want to know Jesus. I say I want to be with him. He has told me where he will be.... what now?



Sheri said...

You have me so curiuos! I can't wait to see Kaiya in your arms! Praying for you...
We have changed our blog name to
mom to Sophie from EN

Farrah and Jed said...

You never ceise to amaze me...You and your hubby are some awesome people and I know what you are doing is going to rock the world because you don't do anything lightly...

I love you girl and I will be stalking your blog like I said starting about 7:15 Monday Morning, So please don't make me wait all day!!!


Darlene said...

Angel, I have chill bumps from your moving video. My husband and I are both anxious to see what God has in store!!!
God bless you.

nikki said...

So excited to see what you guys are up toooo

Laura said...

I can't wait to check in tomorrow to see what is GOING ON!!! I still need to comment on Chapter 2 and just got back from the Orphan Summit - completely AWESOME - GOD IS ON THE MOVE!!!!!!!!!