Thursday, April 24, 2008

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I think: What do you mean? I CAN'T think!!! I'M TOO EXCITED!
I know: that we are on the right path.
I want: to get on a plane to China....
I wish: I were more patient. :0)
I hate: I hate it when people take advantage of those who are weak. ARGHHH!
I miss: a little girl in China I haven't met yet...
I fear: failure
I feel: Unfocused, Impatient, Excited!
I hear: my slightly sick Kaitlyn eating her breakfast and watching her show
I crave: nothing now... mostly chocolate
I wonder: what Kaiya's personality is like
I love: my wonderful family and friends
I ache: when I see orphans who are alone
I care: about extreme poverty
I always: love the beach
I am not: energetic today
I sing: to Radio Disney ;0)
I cry: when I feel overwhelmed
I don't always: have self discipline
I write: on my blog
I win: hugs and kisses from my girls
I lose: my sunglasses way too much
I never: say never
I listen: to shows while I blog
I am scared: of my kids getting hurt
I need: MY KAIYA
I think: I need to stop being so obsessive about Kaiya Rain Zhen :0)

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