Friday, April 11, 2008

My Video Journal Part #2

Me in the airport before I boarded the plane to Africa. Thoughts on emotions and people thinking I am legally insane. ;0) Angel



Dennise said...

Hi Angel.
If you indulge me a little here. I have followed your blog since we started the adoption of our beautiful two year Guat. Since I was a little girl I have felt called to do mission work. However, I have felt the feelings of inadequacy and I have ignore it. But I know that is changing. I know God is doing major work in me. So here I am, I can't ignore it any longer. I need to have faith and trust. I was hoping you could pass me some information as to how to get involved and make the trip to Africa or really anywhere :o) My email address is; My blog is

Ellie said...

Can't wait to see more!~~!!~


Tracey said...

I am feeling a strong calling these days to go somewhere and do something. I watched Idol gives back and cried! However, it is such bad timing! We are a one income family and the 1 income is that of a realtor, in a really wacky market. I really hope that things get better so I can join you on your next trip(Guat right?)
I too am tired of emotions, I am currently feeling like they are controlling me! AHHHHH. To be a guy for a day:) Can't wait to hear more...

Tessa said...

Hi Angel,

I check your blog regularly - you inspire me! I just watched this video and was bummed that I did not know you were in DC for 5 hours! I live about 2 hrs from there, and it would have been fun to come and meet you - and help you pass the time! Maybe next time ... take care!

Nikki said...

Angel- this might be weird, but I need advice! I just wrote a post on my blog that pretty much explains it (discouraged) but I would love to hear your thoughts. You are doing exactly what I want to- going on humanitarian trips, taking opportunities, etc. Do you ever have doubts or people being negative? I am just feeling VERY discouraged tonight!!