Wednesday, April 30, 2008

2 More Dangerous Surrender Posts!

This is so neat. We have 2 more contributors to the Chapter 1 book club of Dangerous Surrender. I have been SO blessed reading each of these posts and I truly hope you will all keep posting and sharing. We have so much to learn from one another. One thing that has been really cool to see is how REAL you are all getting. It is also so neat to see people with vastly different personalities wanting to walk forward down the same path. It just shows me that there is REALLY something we have hit on here. People from all walks of life know in their GUT that there is more out there than the every day, all about me life we see....

Carrie is a born fighter for social justice and SUCH a cool person. She was on the mission trip to Ethiopia with me and a very talented writer. Here is her post!

Alice is a precious blogger buddy. She is a mommy struggling to figure out what exactly God has for her. I have no DOUBT that it is huge! Here is her post!

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Jacques & Tara said...

Hey Angel....I know this is an odd comment to place here (but I do realize you moderate your comments - so I assume you will not post)!!

Don't know if you remember me - one of your 'blogger buddies' that IS going on the trip to Guatemala in the spring of 2009(if not with your group - which I really hope it is, we have full intentions of tagging along with another experienced team as this is our first trip. It will be my sister in law, my girlfriend and myself....

My girlfriend and I are starting to buy items to donate - just a few a week (ie. baby clothes, shoes, stuff we can easily transport in a suitcase, etc) to Eagle's Nest when we go. As we are beginning, we have many questions and I have not got a response from Eagle's Nest with answers.

I realize how busy you are these days - but if you could spare me a minute or two - I would be VERY grateful!!! Some of our burning questions:

Can Canadian's join the trip?
Do you HAVE to be fluent in Spanish?
What items are good and what are not?
How many children at the home?
What are the ages of the children in the home? So what sizes should we be buying for?
What season of clothing should we be buying (considering I live in Canada - we have a very cold winter)I mean, I know the home probably doesn't need winter jackets, but I've read it gets very cool in the evenings.

Your help would be MOST appreciated!

Thanks Angel