Friday, March 28, 2008

Zoe's Birthday Present.. :0)

Some of you will remember that a few weeks ago we spent a long weekend at the local beach for Zoe's birthday present. Remember when this happened ??? I was falsely accused of wrecking a condo and had my long term contract with the owner canceled without so much as a phone call. This included the trip for Zoe's birthday gift. It was so awful. Then we found a GREAT new place! We had such a WONDERFUL time. Wendi and her crew were down there too so we got to hang with them a little too. FUN! We were also blessed to find some nice people who were really excited to develop a long term relationship with us as repeat customers. YAY! We explained the whole situation about me being falsely accused and they were as shocked as I was at how it was handled. I am so thankful that we found them. That didn't stop me from using my handy dandy flip to record every inch of that condo proving it was spotless. :0) Anyway.. just thought I would show you the video of our fun birthday celebration weekend. I can hardly wait to go back! We love it. :0) Angel


Our Real Life said...

Oh Angel. I was watching your video and Marvin walked by. He asked who the little white hair girl was. I said her name is "Kaitlyn". He got this cute little guatemalan flirty look on his face and said, "Mommy she is cute and she is my friend. I like Kaitlyn." Sounds like a crush to me. :)

Kimberly said...

So glad to see that you guys found a nice new place to love and enjoy!!! I've been looking for a place for our family to go to. Do you mind sharing the info you have? We really need a get-away. You can contact me at kimberlywilt at yahoo dot com