Sunday, March 09, 2008

Our Next Book Club.... Dangerous Surrender

I am moving this to the 1st post cause I know I get a lot more traffic on Monday mornings. I want everyone to get a chance to join our book club. It's a wonderful book. Hope you will all be a part of it. :0) Look below this post to see pics of Kaiya.
Well friends, I finally found it. The next book I think we should discuss as a book club. I just finished it last week. It is an amazing, gripping book that will turn your heart inside out and blow your mind.
Dangerous Surrender by Kay Warren
Reading this book is most definitely a red pill challenge. If you are newer around here please check out this post....
Welcome To The Real World
to see what I mean...
This book is amazing. You won't walk away exactly the same person as you were when you first picked up the book. It should come with a warning label. ;0) Check it out...

I want you to read this book with me. Who is with me? Do I have any takers? Red pill challenge blogger buddies... red pill challenge..

You can buy the book here at a discount gently used for like $9...

I think we will start soon. I will basically just be squeezing it in between Ethiopia and China but I think it is time. Come ON!!!! Join us.

:0) Angel


Jackson said...

Oh I am in. I have been looking at that book thinking I should read for a few weeks now. Thanks for making up my mind:) By the way, didnt find the sermon yet but I emailed saddleback and focus on the family to see if I could obtain it somehow. I'll let you know what they say.


Amy said...

Count me in- I'm in love with that book! :0) Amy

Misty said...

She is getting so must be so excited!!!! cute, cute, cute!!!

Laura said...

I just reserved the book at our library! I would love to be a part of it!

Scarlett_333 said...

I am going shopping in Buffalo saturday and will make sure to remember to pick up a copy!

keelstar said...

I've been following your blog for a little while now, and thought it was time I introduced myself! We too have a 4 year old bio daughter and we have a 21 month old daughter adopted from Guatemala last May! I am so ready to adopt again, but just waiting for my hubby to jump on board! Lots of patience & prayer are needed on my end until God reveals His plans to my husband! I'm excited to follow you on your journey to China to bring Kaiya home!! I would LOVE to adopt from China or Ethiopia one day!

My MIL got that book for Christmas and I'm going to ask her if I can borrow it. I'd love to participate in your book club!

Blessings, Keely (mommy to Mackenzie & Savannah)

Anonymous said...

Hey Angel Face,
I would love to join the book club...count me in..will order the book today! Love you much and so very proud of you. Mia Momma

kenzsethia said...

Heard about you from the aforementioned "Laura". I'm in!

Darlene said...

Thank you for inspiring us! I am in.