Thursday, March 20, 2008


I have the disposable video camera from Ellie!!! It has video of Kaiya and her little buddies!! So first thing tomorrow I will head to CVS to get it developed. Does anyone know how long it takes to develop? I don't know... Once it IS developed I will get it on here so you can all SEE her in ACTION!!!! How cool is that???

We just got back into town from our spring break fun. While daddy was workin hard the girls and I went to Sea World for some fun time. I'll fill you in on the Shamu details tomorrow. Sleep tight!

SOOOO TIRED and I still need to watch Lost! HA! HA!!! Life is SO hard right? ;0) Hugs, Angel

PS Thank you so much Ellie and Ellie's momma for mailing me the video and taking it. Judy... I will get all the footage to you ASAP.


Rachel said...

Love the pics of Kaiya- she is beautiful just like your other daughters. What is Russ gonna do when they get older?!

Ryan and Heather said...

Wow video too!
That is just amazing. What a gift your family-especially Kaiya will cherish forever.

The Allums Family said...

yeah for video!! We got one of nathan and it only took 1 HOUR for them to process it!!!! Can't wait to see!!!!!

Wendi said...

cool-e-oh! can't wait to see her little expressions and movements - how great to have that perspective before meeting her...

just FYI, Angel, you might want to post this...if any adoption buddies (or otherwise) have a disposable camera need, CVS has a sale going until TOMORROW, Sat, Mar 22. (just get a free CVS shopper card when you go in the store if you don't have one). The digital one-time-use camera (25 exp) is like 9.99 (you pay 14.99 and get 5.00 to spend in CVS). Also the One-Time-Use Video Camcorder is like 19.99 (you pay 24.99 and get 5.00 to spend in CVS). These are ususally $20 and $30 w/out the card. With the savings on the two, you could afford an additional digital camera or diapers :-), Easter supplies, or whatever else you need. Also, the regular film disposable cameras with flash (Kodak) are 2/9.99.
Happy Shopping!

melissa said...

I can't wait to see Kaiya in action!!!