Tuesday, March 04, 2008

No pictures yet BUT check it out!!

My sweet friend Ellie is having trouble overcoming the firewall in China to post pictures. :0( BUT she did write a report of her day at Yiwu Child Welfare Institute. We have a little report on our baby girl!!! I will copy her entire post here....
I want to begin by apologizing for the fact that we have not been able to post photos. I think it is impossible to do here without a laptop. Hopefully we will find out that is not true before we arrive home but until we do you will just have to believe me when I tell you Tia is adorable and the kids are having a great time vying for her attention.
Today we had a very emotional day. We started out by driving the 1.5 hours to YiWu which is the city where Tia was found and lived for her first 19 months.
We stopped to get a photo taken for Tia's passport. Our next stop was Tia's finding spot which was at the ChouZhou hospital on a chair inside a room where they administer anitbiotics. Tia was named ChouZhou after this hospital. It was very interesting and very sad. Tia laughed out loud for the first time as we entered the building - silly girl :)
Then we went out for a delicious lunch with the vice director of the Baby Garden where Tia lived. The food was incredible. It was a wonderful gesture of the YiWu SWI and we very much appreciated it.
Our last stop was at the Baby Garden. It was funny to see how excited Tia got when she saw her former nanny, the very one who came to bring her yesterday. Tia started laughing and smiling. They put her in her crib and she was standing there jumping up and down - this was the same little girl who couldn't even sit up the day before because of what we now think was shock and grief. By the end of the visit we had her number! She is now walking around with us holding her hands, I think the worst of the grieving is over! In fact she is sitting on my lap playing with Isabella right now, smiling and saying something like "more" for a game they are playing. It is so great to see her coming out of her shell.
I was really happy to get to spend time and photograph and video two little girls of my friends Judy and Angel. Please see my note to you at the bottom of this email. We had a wonderful time in YiWu and are so thankful for the photos of the place Tia was found and spent the first 20 months of her life.
Our last stop of the day was to the Civil Affairs building to be declared Kristiana Hope Witt's parents and so this little girl is officially ours! Sorry we cannot access our aol or yahoo to ready or answer emails and I cannot seem to bypass the Great Firewall of China.Lots of love from Hangzhou, land of a new Little Bitty Witty :)
TO Judy and Angel: - I hope to get the photos posted but if not please be encouraged that I got 10 or more photos of the girls. I was able to give Kaiya a very big cuddle and pray for her, XiXi, who they call by both her first names is toddling on her own! I got a series of photos of her and I can tell you she is so very proud of herself, and all the nannies were very proud of her also. Kaiya was asleep when we first arrived but I was really happy that they woke her up. Jonah did the videotaping that Angel sent and I hope he did well, it wasn't nearly 20 minutes but there is video for you and I think of Xixi too. Xi Xi is a couple inches bigger than Tia -so I think an 18 -24 month size. Kaiya is very tall, even 3 inches taller than XiXi - she may even wear a size 3T. I got an excellent photo of all three girls together that I was really excited about! I saw your girls today!Lots of love to everyone,Ellie
OK!!!! WOW! Isn't that AWESOME??? OK... I have to go get ready for car pool. BUT here is the letter I just tried to write to Ellie through the forum since she is having trouble with e-mail.
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!!! I have been writing you comments but I am thinking you have not been able to get them yet. So I thought I would try writing you from the forum to see if you could get it. I AM SOOOOOO EXCITED! I have found myself praying for Tia's little heart to adjust so much. It makes me so happy to know her response to her nanny. Those nannies must be great!
I can't WAIT to see you and Tia. Bummer you are having photo issues. You are so precious to take that effort with our babies. It makes me want to cry happy tears. Your write up was amazing. THANK YOU!! 3 inches TALLER than XiXi??? That is hilarious. That girl MUST eat well! ;0) Hee hee hee... I am so glad you told me. I think I would have brought everything too small! It cracks me up.
Our last adoption we adopted from Guatemala so I had in my head that we would bring home a tiny little Guatemalan pixie. What we brought home was a 7 year old Guatemalan super model. She is now 9 and almost as tall as me AND DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!
Then when we decided to adopt from China I laughed and told Russ how funny it would be if we ended up with the only tall Chinese cutie pie! AND LOOK we got her. It is so FUNNY! I can't WAIT to meet that little "or big" chunk of love.
Do you think her age is right?
Did you get to see or find out about her cleft palate? If not no biggie... just wondering.-- Angel


Meridith said...

I have been checking yours and Tia's site several times over the last 24 hours. I know that your enthusiasm for your li'l ones new pics is boiling over.

Wow! What a big girl! You will be able to tell more about her age when you get your li'l marshmallow home and vist the dentist.

Mandy said...

Such good news! Can't wait to see pictures and hear more--so happy for you and your family!

Lucinda Naia said...

So EXCITED to read your post! What a hoot that you have the tallest girl in the bunch....


David and Marianne said...

Reminds me of how I felt when I got an e-mail from YOU when you were at Eagles Nest and were able to check in our precious Sarah(Nicol)!! The Lord is so good to encourage us mommies during the wait! Praying you'll get pics SOON!

Wendy said...

Wow wow wow!!

Amy said...

YAHHHHHHH! That is such a great report and I know you have to be dying to see those pictures and video cause I am!!!! You crack me up with your tall babies! First Zoe and now Kaiya! I love it! Praying for you and so happy for you! Love, Amy

Anonymous said...

Angel Face! this is soooo exciting...GOSH 3T...now what are we going to do? :)...have to do some more shopping ?????
Love Mia Momma/Polkadot

Donna said...

Hello--congratulations! I can't wait to see pictures. Very exciting!