Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Faith is a funny thing really. Well, at least for me it is. One day I am a rock of faith and nothing can sway me from what I know to be true. The next day I am a puddle on the floor just waiting for God to mop me up! :0)
I think learning NOT to depend on emotion is such a huge maturing process. We have to learn to ignore our emotions that scream out FEAR!!!!! ANGER!!!!!I HAVE TO!!!! I CAN'T!!!! until our ears and hearts are ringing with the sound.
Instead we have to train our hearts to hear that still, small voice that whispers..., don't go there....yes, this is right.... It is so much easier to hear the screaming pounding of our emotions. It's such a trap. If we are ruled by the shifting sand of our emotions we have no compass- no foundation. It's that small voice- so quiet that we have to STOP to listen to it- that guides us the right way. It takes us saying to our emotions- SHUT UP! I've had enough! Then slowing down to hear the truth we have known all along.
I have a song that mt friends and I have loved since college. The older I get the more the words make sense. I would like to dedicate this to all of my blogger buddies out there taking leaps of faith-trying to live by faith and not by sight.

I also want to dedicate this to my dear friend Amy who teaches me a little bit more about faith every time I am privileged to talk to her. You are a world changer my friend. You challenge me and encourage me so much. THANK YOU for being my friend. I know God sent you my way. I am crazy proud of you. Hugs, Angel

What has God taught YOU about faith? Speak up blogger buddies... ;0)


Christina said...

Angel, were you writing this to me? I needed to read this today...things here are utter chaos and I am relying on my faith to get me through. Thanks for sharing this.

Meridith said...

I was just thinking about how that fear, doubt, anger are not of God! They are directly due tolack of faith. Those are not fruits of The Spirit! Those are not qualities of God's love as 1 Cor 13 display. Holding those emotions captive can be so tricky as we go through sufferings, small and great. But, we all know that "God is still doing GREAT things!" We just have to have a heartchange.

Elizabeth Engelhardt Cakes and Crafts said...

I really had to rely on my faith during my post partum depression after Teagan was born, when we had some financial hardship, and moving here to Round Rock. It's amazing how life seems to be 'easy' when my faith is strong, and it seems to be mountainous when its not.

Corey said...

seriously, I think you were talking to me today....

HoustonMamaJenn said...

Thankyou so much for sharing this!! I am so THANKFUL for MUSIC!!

Amy said...

Ok- first you made me about cry and then I thought wait a minute- how ironic because YOU are the who has been such an inspiration to me and made me more aware of those around me in need. Seriously, if it hadn't been for your friendship I would have never, ever, had the courage to face my fears head on and say yes to God. Your friendship is such a blessing to me and each day I try to be a little more like Angel.;0) Love ya girl!!! Amy