Monday, March 17, 2008

Does God REALLY have an opinion about adoption?

Well, if you have read this blog more than say.... 2 MINUTES you probably have guessed my opinion on this matter. However, I find that there are not many times where I have heard sermons about God's passion and heart for adoption. So when I do- I am excited! I don't think it's that pastors and preachers don't care. I really don't. I think that the "least of these" are easy to overlook.

It's easy to miss. That's why God talked about the importance of serving the widows, orphans and strangers over 60 times in the bible. He knows how hard it is for us so He stressed His passion for those in need OVER and OVER. Still... we sometimes miss it.

There are so many things in front of us that seem urgent- we could almost mistake them for what is important.

There are so many ways to help orphans... whether it is visiting them, giving them a home, financially helping, giving toys and clothes, taking a little one under your wing who has a tough home situation.. we can all obey the commands God has given us to cherish the fatherless, widow and stranger.

Even more profound is to realize that adoption was SO important to God that he ADOPTED us into His family... He chose for His son Jesus to be adopted by Joseph. Do you think that was a mistake? I don't. Not for even a second. If you want to understand God's heart- understand the love involved in adoption. If you want to see God's heart- open your heart to orphans in some way. It will change you forever.

All this to say... hope you enjoy this mini-sermon on God's passion for adoption from John Piper. I surely did. Love, Angel

PS I totally stole this from Katie's blog! Thanks for sharing girl. Very cool.


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Melinda said...

I have this on my blog as well. I love John Piper's view on adopion and how he makes it so real and how it apply's to everyone of us who call ourselves Christians. I love your heart on this and I wanted to tell you I picked up Kay Warren's book and I am loving it so far. Keep up with the great post's. I know they speak to me and we share the same passion's.

Wendi said...

What a great message! Funny...Sam and I always said we'd go to Piper's church if God moved us to MN since that is one of the places on our short list that are possible for a move. I have heard his teachings on other things, but am thrilled to hear how he feels about this! Thanks for sharing.

Whitney said...

John Piper rocks! :)