Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Confessions Of A Mediocre Mother

Here's the real deal folks. Most days are great around here and we are all one big happy family. Days like today I just wanna hide! Well I at least want to watch a lot of American Idol and eat chocolate. AND YES! I am guilty of eating comfort food. You can look at me and see I have some "comfort" on me. Stinks that gluttony is so obvious even if it's gluten free gluttony. ;0)
KK spent most of the morning yelling "Mommy!!!!" at the top of her lungs for no particular reason. I think it must have been one hundred times she yelled it. How can a kid be so cute and sweet and yet SO annoying simultaneously? I have no idea. At one point she looked like she was trying to bowl with my drinking glasses. Why was she rolling glasses across the floor while yelling??? Couldn't tell ya...

I found out Zoe hasn't been understanding what was going on in Science or History for the last few weeks but was lying to me and her teachers and saying she was getting it all perfectly. She has no clear explanation for why except that she has a lot of fears of not being perfect we are trying to overcome. Since she has been having a pattern of this not asking for help I explained the discipline she will be having. (losing privileges and such for a few days) At which point she had a monster tantrum which will make her life a little girl boot camp for at least the next week. Sweet Zoe's pretty little life is about to get tougher till she gets in line. Poor little pumpkin. Sweet mommy is gone and drill sergeant mommy is about to arrive.
My house looks like it imploded on itself. Not kidding. It's really bad. Ughhhhh....
I showered but I am pretty sure I look like I crawled out of a hole. Black smudges under my eyes from old mascara.... unbrushed hair... it aint purty folks.
Why am I telling you all this? Proof my dear friends. I am far from perfect. I don't have it all together and some times I feel like I don't even know what I am doing. Still.... life is good isn't it?
Kaitlyn is now sitting on the floor singing "True Friend" by Hannah Montana in an adorable, slightly off key kind of way. One of her polly pockets is telling the other that she is from China.
Zoe is in the other room pouting quietly which is the best we can hope for at this point. ;0) BUT she is in the OTHER room.... home.... not alone or scared or abandoned. She is just having a hissy fit right here where she belongs. Tomorrow she will be telling me how sorry she is while she puts up the laundry. (little girl boot camp has it's perks for mommy)
Tonight we will all be warm and well fed. (some with dessert and some not) After I read this post I will watch my American Idol and try to refrain from the chocolate. Anyway.... I just wanted to let you in on a little secret.... Soooooo NOT PERFECT.
Hugs, Angel


Liz said...

WOW, did you just share my day, I couldn't quite tell because seriously mine looked about the same, imploaded house and all - who knew that we had THIS much laundry! Hugs, Liz

John Dee Spicer said...

Mediocre mommy? Nah! I like the term 'good enough' mommy on THOSE days. The good enough mommy knows perfection is not attainable, but being good enough is.

I've loved reading your blog!

Jill from CHI--adopting Hudson Dean

HoustonMamaJenn said...

Chocolate has several health benefits!! Don't skimp on the chocolate girlfriend!! And we all have those days!!! That's what makes us appreciate the good times even more! Love the picture!!

Wendi said...

Hey girl! Thanks for keeping it real, as usual. Now...I already knew the whole 'not perfect' part of you which is, of course, why I love you so much! How could little 'ol imperfect me survive around a perfect friend? No way! You are the authentic real-deal and just the way I like you! I'll be enjoying American Idol right along with you,...and, by the way, I've already had my chocolate today - uhh, twice :-)!
Hugs from me!
p.s. You know if I could, I'd race over and start helping you hang laundry :-)...old habits die hard...

Our Real Life said...

Every mommy has been there (at least once a month if they are honest!) Hang in there and tomorrow will be better. Poor Zoe in mommy jail. I tell my 16 year old, Annie, that mommy jail is the worst kind of jail and I am the hardest warden to please. Smile and take a deep breath.

Reba said...

Oh, Angel, I just stared at your post with a half smile and a half defeated was a tough day at our house too. In fact, the title of my post tonight will be "Defeated". And as I was reading, I was about to call in an order of queso and chips from a nearby restaurant. I had that for dinner, along with a lemon slush from Sonic. I am currently watching American Idol. And then I hope to crawl into bed and emerge happier tomorrow. :) So GLAD I am not alone...Hope tomorrow is better for you too...

Candy said...

Not PERFECT...just Perfectly NORMAL. I am going to be praying for ZOE...I know she is still worried about being PERFECT....but she needs to ASK for help...If you need to just talk give me a call tomorrow...I can tell you all about what you are fixing to get into with a TWO YEAR OLD...who is THE BOSS of the world. I am having to PUT MY FOOT DOWN TOO...and she really PLAYS ME GOOD...UGGG

Tricia said...

I echo Candy -



We are all with you in the motherhood trenches!

You are doin a great job, girl! Hang tough!

Amy said...

Angel, Good to know that there are others out there like me. :o
It continues to amaze me that the Lord blessed me with my family and He KNEW everything about me! Just goes to show that He can use anyone for His glory, even on the rough days.

Michelle said...

OH yes, we all have those days. I love people like you who keep it real and honest. =0) You and your family are too cute!

Melissa said...

Glad I'm not alone in the "not perfect" category. I agree with the other moms....just Perfectly Normal!

Katie said...

Thanks for your honesty ... it helps the rest of us know we are normal !!