Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Africa Video Journal!!

I am going to Africa TODAY!!! Well... it's just midnight and I still have to try to get to sleep. ;0) Still I am going to Africa. THE AFRICA! I am ACTUALLY going to Africa. I think it is finally starting to hit me.... I know.... I'm slow right??

Here is my luggage. All packed and ready to go.

Here are all the donations thanks to my wonderful bible study buddies. Thanks ladies! You are wonderful.

I decided to keep a video journal of each day of my trip. That way I can keep you up to date on each day. I don't know how much I will be able to upload things with the slow Internet in Ethiopia. This way you won't miss out on anything. I can load up each day's video journals when I get home. :0) It'll be just like YOU WERE THERE!!!

More soon!!! Hugs, Angel

Friday, March 28, 2008

Dangerous Surrender!!

Our Dangerous Surrender Book Club will start soon after I get back from Africa. It's not too late to join!!! Stop by Barnes and Noble and get reading. ;0) You'll love it. Dangerous Surrender by Kay Warren... Here is my video blog about it. Hugs! Angel

Zoe's Birthday Present.. :0)

Some of you will remember that a few weeks ago we spent a long weekend at the local beach for Zoe's birthday present. Remember when this happened ??? I was falsely accused of wrecking a condo and had my long term contract with the owner canceled without so much as a phone call. This included the trip for Zoe's birthday gift. It was so awful. Then we found a GREAT new place! We had such a WONDERFUL time. Wendi and her crew were down there too so we got to hang with them a little too. FUN! We were also blessed to find some nice people who were really excited to develop a long term relationship with us as repeat customers. YAY! We explained the whole situation about me being falsely accused and they were as shocked as I was at how it was handled. I am so thankful that we found them. That didn't stop me from using my handy dandy flip to record every inch of that condo proving it was spotless. :0) Anyway.. just thought I would show you the video of our fun birthday celebration weekend. I can hardly wait to go back! We love it. :0) Angel

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Day With Lizzie

When I was a little girl I had a best cousy, Rachel. We adored each other. (STILL DO!) We fought like sisters and cried when we had to leave. We even had our OWN ISLAND! It was called Rachangel island. I think it was pretty much a rock in the middle of the creek but it was OURS. We were exactly 9 months apart in age.(I'm 9 months older) So when I had Kaitlyn my best cousy Rachel came to see her in the hospital. I joked with her and said that she better be prego with a little girl or she would ruin the tradition. She laughed and said she would like to be soon. Little did she know that she WAS prego on that visit. Nine months later Lizzie joined us. So now Kaitlyn and Lizzie are exactly the age span that we were. For Lizzie's 4th birthday we met them for the day at Sea World. Watching the two of them feels so strange and heart warming. It makes me feel as if I am watching a memory live. I sat there listening to them discuss that they were the SAME age and giggled. I remember how excited Rachel and I would be every year when we got to be the "same age" for 3 months. :0) It's just so fun seeing them together.

Kaitlyn and Lizzie

First time to see SHAMU!

You can't beat that PRECIOUS face!
I know it's out of focus! ARGHHH! I just LOVE that expression though.
We LOVE Shamu but sometimes the excitement is too much. ;0)

I am so glad I have you Rachel!!! You have been such a special part of my life. So many of my favorite memories as a child are with you. We love you Lizzie. Happy Birthday baby girl. You are precious. Hugs, Angel

A Little Easter Fun!

We had a wonderful Easter! We had some fun at Pop and Nonny's house.
Daddy gives hugs when KK decides to share her eggs with Daddy

Kaden finds an egg! ;0)

He is VERY serious about his egg hunting!!!
Kaitlyn quickly ran out of room in her cute little Easter bucket and stole Pop's mop bucket. That girl. She cracks me up.
Sweet Zoe started storing them in her shirt. The Easter bunny was VERY generous.

Our Spring Break With Elise

Last week was our spring break. We had so much fun. We got to go to Sea World with cousin Elise! Polka Dot and Tia Bek were also along for the ride. It was great. Elise and Zoe rode one of the roller coasters 8 times in a row at one point!!! We had a blast. Glad we got to hang out with you Elise. We love you! Angel

The lovely Elise and almost famous Polka Dot

My beautiful Guataprincess

My dancing princess
happy girl
Zoe girl loves her Polka Dot
They are so much alike.... She definitely got some grandma genes in there! ;0)
Love those eyes

Check out my NEW shades. :0)
The tea cups
More Kaitlyn Photography... She took like 100 pics at Sea World... Not kidding. Where does she get THAT??? :0)
What sweet looks like
Being silly

What a great time!!!!!!! :0) Angel