Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Year Of The Rat!

Happy Chinese New Year! 2008 is the year of the rat. The Chinese New Year is a HUGE celebration in China. Wanna take a peek at last year's party? Looks like so much fun. I would love to be in Hong Kong right now. Hmmmm... can you guess what LAST year's animal was from the video? Come on... give it a whirl.

A very happy Chinese New Year to my sweet little Kaiya Rain Zhen. I am so grateful that next year we will celebrate with you. Love, Momma


Valerie said...

Happy Year of the Rat to you! Although, last year was actually the Year of the Rat for our little household -- unfortunately we had a few little visitors grace our kitchen!!!!!!!! I'd never even seen one in real life, and really didn't ever want to, but I got to see quite a few there for a while. My mom thought it was quite hilarious when just before Christmas Old Navy sold some stuffed animals that were rats (in anticipation I suppose of the Chinese New Year) so she bought Henry one as a joke (for us all to remember our Year of the Rat). Wouldn't you know it is one of his favorite stuffed animals and the poor little thing sleeps with it every night...

Here's wishing you all the best Year of the Rat -- a year minus actual rats, but a year that brings you all together as a family of five with that precious baby of yours!!!

Love from OK,
Valerie (and Henry and Doug)

Natalie C. said...

Happy New Year Kaiya!

2007, year of the pig?

nikki said...

Happy New Year Kaiya!!!
This year will be such a wonderful year for your family Angel!!!

Lynn said...

We went out for Chinese food last night and I thought of your family. The kids celebrated Chinese New Year with a parade and crafts at school. Will(7)wrote in his journal that is was "osom"! When we lived in Texas, Chinese New Year came and went with barely an acknowlegdement.