Monday, February 25, 2008

Two New Little Gifts At Eagle's Nest...

Eagle's Nest has taken in two more little cherubs who had nowhere else to go. They just arrived at the home this past weekend. There are no funds for them yet. Just faith that God will provide as He has for the rest of them. Aren't they precious??? The little girl in the first picture is Irma. Loving the cheeks right? The little boy with the AWESOME hair is Jairo. What gorgeous Guatababies!!

Your generosity for the children at Eagle's Nest has been amazing. THANK YOU! Russ and I want to help these two new babies but we can't take care of both on our own due to our adoption expenses at the moment. Can you help us support these little blessings?
Eagle's Nest just needs to get over the hump till adoptions in Guatemala open again. We hope and pray that is very soon. Soon these babies can be matched with loving mommies and daddies.
Every dollar you can give helps! Eagle's Nest does not want to turn these babies away knowing what they face if they are not taken in. If we can help them make it through this tough time it will make a huge difference. Every child they help is a child who has a second chance at life.
You can make a one time gift or sponsor a child monthly. You can give as much as you can afford. You will receive monthly updates and reports for the child you help to support. To give to a child or to the home simply go to and click on HOW CAN I HELP... when you scroll down on the page there is a pay pal donation button. It is WAY easy to give. Every little bit really does help. If you want to e-mail me you can get in touch with me at
Thank you so much for caring. For those who care about our sponsor child- Droopy Dog we still have no information on how she is since the government moved her. I pray for her so much. We just want her to go to a good home. I will let you know if we find out more. I will also update if I get new pictures of these cutie patooties.
:0) Angel


Marlene said...

I love your blog! Thanks for the updates on Eagle's Nest too.

Tracey said...

I wish I could bring those babies home!!! So precious!

Wendi said...

I'll email you offline...know of someone who might want to help.

Reba said...

You have to stop posting those precious pictures...I am trying really hard to NOT hop on a plane to bring home more precious children...Seriously, once we get our last adoption fees paid off, then we will definitely be looking into helping children from afar, so keep posting.

Candy said...

OH GIRL that little BOYS HAIR...I LOVE IT...Oh I want info on little DROOPY DOG...HUGS

Thur we are going to hang out at the park over in this neck of the WOODS...hehe If you want to join us let me know...HUGS