Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sad News About Our Droopy Dog

As many of you know we have been sponsoring a sweet little cherub that I met on my mission trip to Eagle's Nest in Guatemala. This weekend Claire was so kind to write and tell us about some very sad news. I truly wept. Our little sweet cheeks was taken, by the government, from her house mommy and the only home she has ever known. I love this little girl and ask you to pray with me that God will give her a wonderful family and a home. My heart aches for her tonight. You are loved little one.

Copied from Eagles Nest blog....

Yesterday was the hearing in Mixco for Milka. Just a routine hearing to get more information for the investigation to find her mother. There was a substitute judge and she was in a hurry. Ana told me that it was as if court was doing something quickly, because the judge had the power that day. The judge said what a cute healthy baby, and then came back in to say that she was being transfered to a home in the city and that the home there could not pick her up, so she personally was just going to take her. So with Milka screaming and reaching for Ana they took her to the car and away she went. Ana said they did not give a reason.

We know at this time that the courts are really making this part of their investigation process. They review the papers, and then they issue a “rescue” and have the child taken to another home. We think maybe so that the first home will not benefit from an adoption.

We feel that is just a “control” issue, but we have no idea of their reasoning.

Please pray for Milka that she will adjust quickly to her new surroundings.

We are so sorry for the family who has loved her from the beginning and for Angel who has supported her for 2 month. We pray for you in this sad time. We will still be doing what we can to have her transfered back, but it is out of our control.

The government is calling this the “protection of the child”
It makes us feel like they think the paper work is
important, but the child is not.

We have protected Milka since she was born.

I just wanted to let all of you know. We will continue to support this wonderful ministry. We are praying about what we are supposed to do next. http://www.eaglesnestint.org/ Hugs, Angel


Melissa said...

My heart breaks for this sweet baby girl who was taken so quickly from all that was familiar. How scary and confusing that must have been for her. Praying for Milka.

Whitney said...

I have been so heavy hearted for Milka today since I read about her being taken. I ache for the sweet, smiley child I met in July, who reminds me of Ellie in so many ways, and for her adoptive family that has been waiting so long.

I know this is hard for you guys, too. Praying for another precious one lost in the system.

Mandy said...

How sad! I can't imagine how scared she must be, having been taken from the only people and home she has known.

Candy said...

Ok if I really READ this right...its CREEPY and of course I am in TEARS. Sounds to me like the Judge may have had some plan for this baby or something STRANGE. How could this happen? How could someone do this. I am a MESS tonight after reading yours and Wendys BLOG...WHY WHY WHY...AHHHHHHH

I can not IMAGINE what the family that was longing to adopt her are doing...Milka is in our prayers tonight.


Misty said...

Angel and Family,
As a sponsor family for a child at Eagle's Nest our heart breaks for you and for Milka. We just sent our fist package today to our sweet girl there with a missions group! Praying for the best and some answers!

Candy said...

OK I still can't get over this...It did'nt help that I went and looked at her V-Day picture and she is CRYING and now all I can see is her Crying as the JUDGE took her away. Really it sounds to me that this judge had plans for her or something to say Oh what a healthy baby...and then say she would take her herself????

I see so much of Kya in Milka's eyes and It would be just like me taking her to a DR appointment and the Dr saying Oh she is a healthy one I will just keep her...I can not imagine what that poor baby is going through and I am telling you that Lady needs to PAY for doing this to this sweet baby...OK enough from me but this REALLY has me FIRED UP


Anonymous said...

Hello Sweet Angel Face,
I talked to you...read this before bed and just couldn't respond right away. I am now awake with a deep deep burden from God ... I am praying for Milka and this situation...I sense a deep awakening in her behalf...as I ache and ponder I see so clearly that God is raising up an army of prayer warriors for this little one. Let's all rise up together in behalf of this little treasure of God's. Jehoshaphat was afraid and turned his attention to seek the LORD...So Judah gathered all together to seek help from the LORD...'For we are powerless before this great multitude who are coming against us; nor do we know what to do, but our eyes are on You." II Chronicles 20 3-4, 12
With Deepest Love, Mia Momma

Holly said...

This is heartbreaking to me... so many transitions are not good for Milka as many of us know. That is more attachment and more loss that has to be processed. I will pray for sweet Milka and also for the authorities there... that people would stop messing around for the sake of "control issues" or whatever is going on. God protect her and all the other babies facing similar circumstances and events!

JuJu - said...

Crying with you - and praying for this baby girl - this is such a tragedy - she is such an innocent victim of this mess in GC!!
If only our love for this country and these inncoent children was enough to make a difference -
it is going to take our actions as well -

sending you and your precious family BIG hugs today!


Mackenzie's Forever Family said...

I am so sorry for this child. My heart has just sunk down into my stomach. My prayers are with her.


Our Real Life said...

OH I find this so sad. I want to cry. I have LOVED this little girl since I first saw her on your site and Eagle's Nest.
I had even gone as far as wondering if and when she would be able to be adopted.
It makes me so mad that a government is so hard nosed they would tear a child away from the only home she knows.

Lucinda Naia said...

My gut reaction is that the judge wanted a daughter.

It's disgusting and scary and horrifying all at once.

Words escape me