Friday, February 15, 2008

My New Toy!

I am in LOVE in loooove. OK... I know you can't be in love with a a thing unless you have a sad disorder but I am in MAJOR LIKE! My buddy Holly introduced me to the Flip Video Ultra. AAAHHHHHHH! IT'S SOOOO WONDERFUL! I was instantly smitten. Then my momma went and BOUGHT one for me. Is this all just a wonderful dream???

Here is why I am in like with the flip. You know I like to do music videos and video clips right? Well.. duh. You read my blog. You know this. So this little gadget is about the size of a medium sized cell phone and takes one hour of medium quality digital video! UHHHH YEAH! Then it has this little attachment that pops out and hooks straight into your computer. THEN up pops this software that will automatically upload your video to youtube... remix it into a movie for you using your music or theirs... let you take digital pictures from the video you took and save it to your picture files... save the videos to your computer or WHATEVER! All that and this little sucker was $150 at Best Buy. SAY WHAT??? This is AMAZING! I am in MAJOR LIKE!

Actually all of the video clips from Zoe's birthday were taken with my new flip. AWESOME! Do you know what this means for us when I go to AFRICA and CHINA? It means lots of AWESOME videos without me breaking my neck carrying my gargantical (yes I made up a word) video camera. I can just carry it around in my little ol purse all the time. OH!!!! It also runs on AA lithium batteries and apparently if you make SURE they are lithium they will last a long time. I just have to carry extras in my purse and no more freak outs about not having charged the video camera. Not only that... This is much less intrusive than a video camera so people don't feel so intimidated or notice this huge thing stuck on my head. :0) OH and I can take pictures FROM the video. Of course my camera is a million times better and I will always use it for photo sessions but it's nice that I can just carry this in my purse for capturing spontanious fun! My camera is too big to carry all the time. So it's great to have BOTH now. I AM SO STINKIN SPOILED!

It's not even funny how spoiled I am now. :0) Soooo I just had to share this with you. It's my new favorite toy and I had to tell you about cause every momma should be so blessed as to have this. It's a great toy. I swear they are not paying me to say this although I would be glad to recieve a check! ;0) Check them out at

HUGS! Angel


The Engelhardt 4 said...

You're a regular little commercial for them. I think you should get some money. Congrats on the new camera, I can't wait to see more videos.

Anonymous said...

Oh ANGEL MAKE me laugh and smile so hard my face is going to crack...HAVE FUN and enjoy taking pictures on the beach!:)
love Mia Momma

Lucky Girl said...

That is SOOOOO my birthday present! Thanks for sharing!

Princess D said...

Awesome present. I am so wanting one of those. I just caught up with your blog and read the "Balance Day" post and Zoe's birthday post. Adorable what Kaitlyn said. The post you wrote about Zoe is beautiful. She was gorgeous then and is gorgeous now. She looks so happy and content and there is a peace in her eyes that makes me so happy for her and glad that she is part of your family. You were meant to find each other.


Preiss said...

I checked SD's site this evening and it took my breath away when I read the news about the little girl you were sponsoring. I don't understand how a judge could just take a child away from all that they know. Do you know any more about the situation - where the baby is, etc? I just can't imagine what that little girl is going through.

Sarah said...

I just LOVE that little video camera! My birthday is in a few weeks and I am SO THERE with you! How much fun!!

Billie said...

You don't know how cool it is to read this. I need to get another video camcorder is not digital and is over 7 years old. It's starting to wear out. I really, really want to get something our trip to Taiwan....but finanically I wasn't feeling good about spending alot..perfect! Thanks!