Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I was tagged! :0)

So, here are the rules~The rules are to link the person who sent this and leave a comment on their blog so their readers can visit yours~Post the rules on your blog~Share 7 strange/weird facts about yourself~Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and link their blog~Let each person know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Ok here goes...

1. I can't stand unused space in my house! I think I am kind of quirky about it. I want every nook and cranny to be used and functional. We use our dining area as the kids TV area cause we wouldn't use it as a dining room. We are converting our garage into a play area becuase we don't really park in there. We are making the laundry room and mud room into a super cool office for Russ.

2. This is only the 2nd time I have lived in the same place for more than three years! I was an army brat and we moved a lot. Then Russ and I moved a LOT too. It's been weird to think we might be here awhile. We may move away with Russ job for a few years but we should be back since his job is based here.

3. One year ago I COMPLETELY changed the way I eat. I used to eat processed food every day and loved junk food. I felt BLAH and a little older every day. I worked out every day but could not lose weight. I was very concerned about my health. After years of feeling tired and BLAH I now have a rule... I ONLY EAT FOOD... Sounds easy but it can be tricky. If it is overly processed I try not to eat much of it. I eat natural carbs like rice and potatoes and beans instead of breads. If it has chemicals, dyes, antiobiotics or hormones in it I try not to eat much of it. I try not to eat foods that the Old Testament laws say are not healthy for us. I figure God knows best what is good to put into my body. I feel a million times better and dropped over 30 inches in several months. I am so grateful that I discovered what I was doing. I felt like things were going a way I didn't want them to but I didn't know how to change direction.

4. I have visited about 20 countries! I have lived in Germany, Tennessee, Washington, Mexico, Maine and Texas.

5. I decided to adopt when I was 14 because I was inspired by my youth leaders who adopted from Romania. I would not seriously date a guy who was not enthusiastic about adoption.

6. I have a little crease in my nose cause I rub the top of it. I twirl my hair a LOT. I nod too much when people talk. My pinky toe is so little that Russ says he doesn't know how it holds a nail. If I drink caffeine I can NOT shut up!

7. I was in commercials when I was little. I was in a couple of Joskee's Christmas commercials. Remember that store? It might be a southern thing...

Anyway that is stuff about me... I don't know who to tag... If you read this and haven't been tagged yet YOU ARE TAGGED! I am not sure who has and hasn't been tagged so far.

Hugs to you, Angel


Becca said...

You don't sound weird or strange - very interesting. My list made me see how ver, very weird I am!

Peace and Hugs,

Dimple Queen said...

Well, I guess I have been tagged....SO...give me a little bit and I will work up a post myself! Thanks for all the interesting facts....we have some in common! LOL


Greta Jo said...

Your normal...nothing weird about you!
Would you please tell me what foods the Lord says not to eat in the O.T.? Thanks!

Rachel said...

I understand about moving with your husband a lot. The longest we've lived in 1 place is 1 1/2 years, which we are about to surpass here in MT.

I knew that you would be proud of me for starting a blog. And, look at me actually leaving a comment!

Love you- we do need to talk soon!